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Simple MySQLi Class is a paid database framework and PHP website used for accessing the MSQL abstraction layer. This site provides the basic class which works as a singleton and executes regular queries and common queries. For executing common and regular queries you have to use parameters like fields, conditions, tables, and values.

In addition to executing common and regular queries, people can also establish a database connection with this site. Furthermore, using this site you can retrieve query results and use prepared queries. Simple MySQLi Class provides people with classes using which they can output debug information. The site is safe and secure from all kinds of viruses so people can work on it without any fear of the virus.

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  • Access MSQL abstraction layer
  • Execute regular queries
  • Execute common queries
  • Establish database connection
  • Safe and secure to use

Simple MySQLi Class Alternatives

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Eloquent is a free development web framework and development-increasing website that provides the creative experience of development. This site is capable of creating and providing a constructive application that works according to the requirement of the users. The site has the feature of integrating the constructive application into the PHP language. Furthermore, this site has a scaffolding function which is used for authentication and registration of the users. With the help of this site, now development process has become more…

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Proxy Manager is a free proxy setting app and tool developed by Yotta Studio. With the help of this app, users can set a proxy on their android phones for accessing unlimited networks with it. Using this app, now you can set a proxy instantly instead of wasting time setting a proxy one by one on apps. To use it, firstly users have to set the host, port, and type of proxy server. After setting the port, host, and type…

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RedBean is a free PHP and object-relational mapping website which acts as a single-file distributor. In addition to distributing files, users can also import CSV of country codes in a short time. For importing files with this site, you don’t need a database administrator, sluggish framework, and endless configuration files. With the help of this site, you can not only import files but also save your files and projects. Furthermore, this site is capable of creating columns, databases, and tables…

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Idiorm is a free fluent query builder and object-relational mapper used for building queries. All the queries created on this site are simple-to-understand and readable for its users. With the help of this site, users can easily arrange documents in tables. Using this site, people can read the documents and reports for their business. All the documents and reports for business available on this site have to pull request reviews. Idiorm has a search bar using which people can easily…


Doctrine is a free development and object-relational-mapping tool which is used for the PHP programming language. This site is capable of helping during development by providing multiple functionalities. The site has a data mapper pattern at its core, which is used for segmenting the domain logic effectively in an RDBMS. On this site, the developer only has to focus on the logic of object-oriented business. With the help of this site, people can start their projects in less time. Furthermore,…


6: Baum


Baum is a free development website and framework which is used in the setting pattern for Laravel’s Eloquent ORM. This site is mainly designed for low-power and high-energy efficiency. The accuracy of this solution is higher than the accuracy of other existing solutions in the market. It has a system-level power analysis feature due to which people can power management software and trade-off better design. Furthermore, this site has a higher security feature due to which it is safe and…

Spot2 is a PHP data mapper framework and ORM website which is used in projects. With the help of this site, people can access and run queries from everywhere around the world. Using this site, people can easily work with their entities. In addition to working with object entities, the users can also arrange database tables on this site. To arrange database tables and work on entities, the users must require a mapper instance. This site is capable of referencing…


Propel is a free ORM tool and development website that helps the developers of PHP in storing data from SQL databases. This site offers support for database operations and shows code suggestions like filters, getter, and relation methods. These code suggestions help users in the rapid execution of their projects. With the help of various testing methods provided by this site, users can easily increase their codebases. The site gives you the option to improve code quality by using continuous…

Medoo is a free PHP database framework and abstraction library for PHP which is used for increasing development. It is an open-source site and supports MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Sybase, and SQLite. In addition to supporting MSSQL, Oracle, and others, the site also supports data mapping and complex SQL queries. This site is portable with only one file and prevents SQL injection. Furthermore, this site works under the MIT license and people can use it from anywhere around the…



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