10 Shape Alternatives


Shape is software used for lending procedures with automation features to make marketing, CRM, and sales easy for users and visitors. This software has artificial intelligence that provides reports on every action users perform and helps them grow more. It provides its services on every type of loan such as legal, local, federal, mortgage, solar, and many more that are fully compatible with government rules and regulations and work according to your provided location.

You can ease yourself because it has pre-built systems or designs your solutions or templates. This tool is helpful in all types of small businesses and large industries and companies. There is no need to hire experts or teams to handle this work because you can do it yourself by following its simple steps. Its interface is so easy to use that even first-time users can use it easily without any difficulty.


  • Track new leads
  • Reliable
  • User-friendly
  • Powerful CRM
  • Team management

Similar to Shape


1. LendStream

Lend Stream

LendStream is an advanced software with automation features that provide different loan management systems for lenders. This software has artificial intelligence that helps users decide more accurately and efficiently. It has an open banking system supported worldwide and has a secure method of payment transfers. You can connect yourself with other parties with the help of lead portals and many more practical options for users. An entrepreneur and groups and teams can also use this software and can use the…

2. Calyx Point

Calyx Point

Calyx point is a software that provides information and process details for loans and marketing to help users promote their businesses without any mistake. It has different tools such as Network of Calyx, point, tools to create websites, and many more. Every instrument of this software has its unique features with a simple interface to help users get benefits quickly. Point tool helps create different templates, manage sales and loans, control pipelines and traffic of business, and also helps to…

3. The Mortgage Office

The mortgage office is a powerful software with all the information and services of loan and marketing and provides solutions to every loan-related question of users. Its features are flexible and help business people to generate their loan servicing software with all the answers to the loan process for their businesses. Its interface is so easy to use that experts and first-time users can easily use this software. There is no need for experts to manage marketing and loan services,…

4. Mortgage Automator

Mortgage Automator

Mortgage Automator provides lending services with automation features to help users save time for more valuable work and focus on their core business. You can use this software by adding your requirements and limits for a loan, and it automatically manages all the services related to the loan and provide answers to all the questions of customers and visitors. It also has a help center facility where users can get help from the customer services management team, and this team…

5. Loan Servicing Software

Loan Servicing Software

Loan servicing software is the most advanced tool that provides all the loan and marketing services to help users do their work quickly and efficiently with this app. This software works for all types of windows and mobile phones and is reachable from every single corner of this world. This software has included all the local and federal government regulations and works according to it. There is no need to worry about audit meetings because this software also works smoothly…

6. HES Lending Platform

HES Lending Platform

HES Lending Platform is an artificial intelligence-supported program with leading-market technology to help lenders with every information of loan process and marketing procedures. It supports all legal requirements of audit and other local and federal government regulations. Its advanced technology provides different modules and onboarding to help users in decision-making and is applicable in 3-4 months. This platform is available worldwide in several countries and trusts many lenders. It is helpful in all types of banking systems, including P2P, Islamic…

7. LendingPad


LandingPad is software that helps users understand all the lending procedures and is accessible from all over the world. You have all the information on lending and step-by-step guidelines to understand and implement. You can create a loan from any device and view critical loan information with legal regulations according to your location. It also provides real-time notifications on your phone so that you can simultaneously update your files and can change your intuition. This software has the facility of…

8. AutoCloud


AutoNation cloud is a loan management software that helps lenders close their deals automatically to save their precious time and provides a simple cloud-based platform to simplify all the required operations for loan requirements. It has the most efficient feature that carries all the regulations necessary for audit and other government rules. You can gain real-time insights into vehicles, property, and different types of business loans. It is helpful for all businesses and integrated with reporting, pre-audit examination history, assessment…

9. Encompass

Encompass is a leading software that supplies accessories and parts of different digital instruments worldwide. There are hundreds of products and components from brands and manufacturers available on your finger clicks. It has excellent and reliable customer services, and manufacturers improve this software according to customer complaints and issues. You can search different types of parts and select them based on your requirements and click to purchase, and here you go, those parts will be automatically available on your door…

10. Bryt

Bryt is an all-in-one software designed for lending professionals in loan services, payment processing, storage, and document creation. It is a cloud-based program with a centralized dashboard intended to aid lenders and professionals in companies and industries. This software provides different types of loans like mortgages and gives related terms and conditions based on the loan requirement and government legal and federal rules and regulations. You have to add your required data in the software, and the remaining tasks, including…