9 Stores Like OsmAnd — Maps and GPS Offline

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OsmAnd — Maps app is an app through which users can see the map of the world with a fully detailed view of everything without paying any data charges. In this app, you can search the places with names, and addresses to view the 3D map. Customize your route according to your transport vehicle such as bike, cycle, orcar.

You can receive all information about your journey including the distance to the next turn in your route and the total time you will take to reach there. Users can see the current speed of the car and receive the map information every hour.

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  • Offline world map with a fullstreet view
  • Search places with names and addresses
  • Location sharing
  • Turn by turn guidance
  • Updated with hourly map info

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GPS Navigation Live Map Road app enables you to view the live map to see what is happening around the globe in real-time and plan your trips. With the help of a map, users can find the shortest and most accurate way to reach their destination. It provides you with different types of route finders such as route for a cycle, route for bike or car. Find the exact location of emergency services for example police station and hospital. You…

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GPS Offline Maps, Navigation, Directions, and Traffic app enables you to travel fast in the world. It provides you a feature of Real-time traffic updates that helps you to see the traffic jams and traffic-free roads. Very easy to find nearby petrol pumps, hotels, and more places with this app. Check the weather update of any city and plan your day with a safe journey. Speedo meter helps you to stay within your car’s speed limit and show your current…

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GPS, Maps, and Voice Navigation app is also used to find the shortest way from your location to your destination anywhere in the world and very easy to discover new popular places such as parks and hotels. It provides you a 3D live map of the world with accurate driving directions. A voice navigation system is used to search for places with your voice without typing anything. By using GPS Navigation on the map users can easily find their current…

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Radar GO-X is a mobile app that allows you to find your location on maps and helps you for making your trips easy and safe. Speedo meter tells you the speed of your vehicle in km/h so you can adjust it according to the speed limit. Detect speed cameras and police locations on the map to save your money. Get your current location and set the route for your destination on the map. Users can use the compass for finding…

GPS Navigation Weather Map comes up with advanced technology in which tourists get the latest weather updates and avoid bad weather conditions. You can check the weather reports for the next 14 days at any location. With the map, users can find their locations and make the perfect route to their destination. It provides you with a driving route navigation system in which you can see your total journey time according to your driving speed and traffic conditions. Users can…

Petal Maps – GPS & Navigation app allows you to search for new popular places and get directions to reach there as soon as possible. In this app, you can see the satellite map view and zoom in, zoom out and tilt or rotate the map for better understanding. The real-time traffic feature is used to avoid traffic jams and find traffic-free roads to save time. With the help of this app, users can stay updated with the latest weather…

SYGIC GPS Navigation and Maps app allows users to see 3D maps on mobile without any internet connection. Users can see traffic jams and the location of police on maps to avoid them. It provides you the feature of android auto connectivity, in which you can connect your phone to your car screen and keep your focus on the road. Use the built-in speedometer the get track the current speed of your car and receive warnings about any upcoming speed…

MAPS.ME app comes up with features in which you can view the offline 3D map for driving navigation anywhere in any country. You can book any hotel anytime anywhere to make your trip easy. It allows you to find a straight and reliable route for your journey. Stay updated with the latest traffic details and avoids traffic jams to save fuel and time. It shares everything about your journey including total distance, travel time, important places on the way, etc. …

GPS Route Finder-Compass is a route finder app that helps you to keep on the straight path and never get late for your destination. You can find nearby gas stations, hotels, parks, and more places in full detail. It has an accurate compass to give you the right direction on the map and find the best route. A speedometer helps you to see the current speed of your car and a speed detector can alert you about upcoming speed cameras.…


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