8 Stores Like Online Vet 24/7: Vetster

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Online Vet 24/7: Vetster is a medical, health, and fitness app owned by Vetster. With the help of this app, you can get online care for your pet from your home. This app contains a wide range of veterinarians available 24/7, with which you can connect anytime. To connect with them, you must choose a veterinarian and book an appointment at a convenient time.

In addition to booking appointments, users can reschedule or get a refund in case of a plan change. This app allows people to book an appointment for a $50 to $11.49 fee. People can make video calls with vets at the booked appointment time and ask questions about concerns. In this app, veterinarians must diagnose the problem and provide the prescriptions.

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The veterinarians available in this app can help with various problems, such as eye problems, itchy skin, breathing issues, urinary problems, and irritated ears. To use this app, you have to create an account by providing all the required information. If you are in search of some similar apps, then you are at the right post. Below, we have enlisted some of the best apps, like Online Vet 24/7: Vetster.


  • Get online care for a pet
  • Contains a wide range of veterinarians
  • Reschedule or get refunds
  • Make video calls with vets
  • Help with various problems

Online Vet 24/7: Vetster Alternatives

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Pocket Kado: Sleep and Relax Pet is a health and fitness app developed by ReveryLab. This app is developed for those who want to discover the secret of restful sleep. The app is integrated with cutting-edge sleep Science to ensure people enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. It is collaborated with Stanford’s sleep psychologist Pocket Kado who introduces the ways to overcome insomnia. This app supports behavioral sleep therapy named CBT-I which shows strategies to redefine the sleep of people. From…

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Otto: Your Pet\'s App is a medicine, health, and fitness app TeleVet Inc. (DBA Otto) developed. This app is developed for those who want the best pet care. With the help of this app, pet owners can connect conveniently with veterinarian clinics. The users of this app can request appointments for their pets from a veterinarian. In addition to requesting appointments, the users can get prescription refills or follow up afterward. While using this app, you can check your appointment…

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Fi: GPS Dog Tracker is a health and fitness app developed by Barking Labs Corp. This app is specially developed to keep an eye on dog pets. Users can see the location of their dog pet anytime. It uses a GPS Tracker to inform you about your pet's location. Using this app, you can ensure your dog never escapes by designating a safe zone around him. After designating a safe zone, the app provides an alert whenever your pet escapes…

Umbraclaw is an action and adventure video game developed by INTI CREATES CO., LTD. The story revolves around Koun, a housecat. According to the storyline, the character dies in the mortal world and awakens in the Soulplane, which is the realm of the dead. In this game, the character tries to open the boundary to the mortal world and search for a way to return the home to the owner. During gameplay, the player plays the role of Kuon, a…

Happy Healthy Pets is a medical, health, and fitness app owned by National Veterinary Associates. Using this app, people can easily take care of their pets and become good parents to pets. This app allows you to 24/7 book appointments for your pet from anywhere. With the help of this app, you can manage your pet's health needs. The app helps people keep their pets' wellness in mind by providing them with reminders of appointments, preventatives, and vaccinations. While using…

PetPage is a medical and health app owned by AllyDVM developed for taking care of pets. With the help of this app, people can easily take care of their pets. This app provides you with all the self-serve tools using which you can get to know about your pet’s health 24/7. While using this app, you can be capable to stay in contact with the veterinarian of your pet. It has a request appointments feature due to which you can…

RxLocal is a medical, health, and fitness app developed by PioneerRx, LLC. This app allows pharmacy customers to easily manage the prescriptions of their whole family. It also helps people refill their medicine orders. Users can set medication reminders for medication taking and doctor appointments. Using this app, you can easily find the pharmacy's location and get information about it. This app enables users to stay in contact with the pharmacy. To stay connected with the pharmacy, you have to…

Banfield Pet Hospital is a medical, health, and fitness app developed by Banfield Inc. Using this app, people can easily access the veterinary information of their pets anytime from anywhere. This app provides people with their pet’s all preventive care needs timely. The users of this app are capable to make and check veterinary appointments for their pets. While making appointments, you can pick the appointment type and the right time. In addition to making and checking appointments, you can…


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