7 Sites Like n11

n11.com is an online store selling clothes, electronics, and home products made by many companies. It is one of the most-used online shopping sites in Turkey. More than 50,000 businesses sell their products in N11, making it a place where you can get everything you want or need.

n11 sells thousands of items in dozens of different categories, making it one of the first places people think of online shopping and e-commerce. Customers and retailers can benefit from n11’s value propositions for online shopping based on trust and ease. When you use n11, the whole world is in your hands. You can get everything you need for daily life at n11. It includes personal care, auto repair, home products and sports.


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Alternatives to n11


1. Teknosa

Teknosa does electronic business on the internet through its website, www.teknosa.com. Customers can buy things like TVs, stereos, computers, and home appliances from this store. They can also purchase various personal care and health care items, sports equipment. Teknosa has become a significant player in the business world through digitalization and customer-focused change. Teknosa always puts money into its brand and its people. It trains its people to be experts in their fields, develops new services to make customers happy,…

2. Cimri

One of Turkey's biggest price comparison sites, Cimri.com, started in May 2008 and was bought by iLab in April 2011. It quickly grew to include millions of products and hundreds of businesses. Since the beginning, its goal has been to make online shopping cheaper. Because of this, new technologies make it easy to compare prices and get a complete picture of a product from one place. For example, on a single website, you can look at the current prices and…

3. Koton  

Turkey is the country of production for Koton's output. In 1988, Yilmaz Yilmaz and Gülden Yilmaz, married and living in Istanbul, started the clothing brand Koton. It is a network of more than 800 stores around the world. Koton is the leader in its market because it sells thousands of different kinds of goods annually. Koton wants to be the fastest fashion brand with the wealthiest and most popular collections on five continents around the world by 2023. They plan…

4. Gittigidiyor

Gittigidiyor, a Turkish online store part of eBay, has many items for sale.  On this site, buyers and sellers can post auctions, store listings, daily deals, and listings with set prices. It sells everything from clothes and accessories to rare things like coins. Gittigidiyor eBay Turkey has 50 categories, ranging from electronics to home decor, cosmetics to items for mothers and babies, fashion to supermarkets, and fashion to fashion accessories. On the e-commerce platform, there are hundreds of prominent local…

5. Hepsiburada

Hepsiburada is an online store that sells a wide range of items. It is the most important and fastest-growing platform for e-business transactions in Europe. Clothes, cosmetics, auto parts, and electrical components are all included in this category. Because Hepsiburada's technical and logistical infrastructure is so up-to-date, its clients can take advantage of the latest innovations in last-mile delivery, and its suppliers can participate in Turkey's online market proliferating. Hepsiburada also has the most advanced and most significant e-commerce infrastructure…

6. Trendyol

Both sellers and buyers use the Trendyol e-commerce platform to do business. Users can buy anything on this platform, built on a technology framework that makes shopping easy and fun. 2009 was the year when Trendyol began. Since then, it has grown and become the biggest online store in Turkey. E-commerce services let people buy a wide range of things quickly, easily, and in a way that suits their needs. The four divisions of Trendyol allow it to serve a…

7. Amazon

Amazon has become the number one and largest e-commerce website that contains almost all kinds of products including video games, podcasts, and services. Prices of the items on Amazon can be expensive, especially when you factor in shipping charges as well as the fact you can’t haggle over them. All the products on this site are consist of a range of categories and each category has its own sub-categories that help you easily find the right products.  The most interesting…