9 Sites Like Musicgateway

Musicgateway is indeed a vital tool for independent musicians, allowing them to share, promote, and advertise their work. Our team of artists will work tirelessly to find and secure placements with our global network of supervisors, studios, marketing firms, and broadcast networks.

As artists and curators, MusicGateway protects your rights and assists artists worldwide in getting their songs on curators’ playlists while also allowing curators to earn great importance as they discover the music library.

The main goal is to keep track of all of your original recordings, audio data, and MP3s in one place to make a repository of your music information. You can use the playlist tool to gain complete control over your song database, alter metadata and file data directly from your browser, and use global tools to update your whole library with a single click.


  • Catalog management
  • Browse information
  • Collaborate with teams
  • Manage Records
  • Library search

Musicgateway.com Alternatives


1. Imusician.pro

imusician.pro is a service that allows audio editors to advertise their music on hundreds of different international platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Beatport, Amazon, and others. The products and services of imusician are available on hundreds of platforms, including everything relevant to independent artists and labels. The music curators and artists can sell, manage, and monetize your music from anywhere globally. It also includes a feature that allows you to manage your playlists and discover new tunes efficiently. Musicians…

2. Omarimc.com

Omari.com is a music firm that aims to assist artists with music promotion, management, and teaching. It gives a platform for those who are interested in pursuing a career as professional musicians and actors. After observing the increasing demands for education and marketing services, the artists and playlist curators enhance music's ability to display others on Spotify, YouTube, social media, and other platforms. The working relationship between different integrations tools including spinning records, universal musical group, capitol and slip and…

3. SongRocket

SongRocket is a music management company through which the users can connect with the top music Influencers and playlists around the globe. The user pitch and submit songs to Spotify playlist curators, and music influencers choose the playlist. Then, they'll let you know whether they like what they hear and add it to the playlist. You'll have a better notion of how to improve your music if you don't. The main goal is to build a network for musicians and…

4. Groover.co

Groover is a service that allows musical curators and professionals to hear your tune in real-time. Last, they give you comments and go out of their way to promote the artists they admire. Musical Content is sent to media outlets, blogs, radio stations and shows, playlists, and YouTube channels by the artists. If music curators enjoy your track, they'll share it with their audience, helping you to reach a new audience. Music curators are record labels, bookers, managers, and publishers…

5. PlaylistPush

Playlist Push is a music pitching service that allows playlist curators to monetize existing tracks while discovering new music and helps independent artists sell their playlist tracks. It has launched an online marketplace for musicians to start their playlist campaigns for enhancing spotify growth. When visitors sign up for your Playlist Push campaign, the platform will ask for your music, social connections, musician location, and type of music. Then, the Playlist Push actively filters its playlist curators and assigns various…

6. Playlister.com

Playlister. club is a software music company that allows you to add tunes to your playlists that will disappear themselves after a certain length of time. It maintains the freshness of your playlists by automating song locations that change throughout the day. The platform of playlists club handles all the complexities of managing a transaction for you, allowing you to connect with some of the most extensive playlists. The artists and musicians expand your network of playlists, save time, and…

7. Crosshair Music

Crosshair Music Alternatives

Crosshair Music is a playlist marketing platform that connects artists with social influencers all around the world. It is a music and audio streaming platform where anyone can share music for the pleasure of others to hear. The main goal is to connect musicians with playlist curators and social influencers who can assist them in growing their fans for a bit of charge. With over 275 million songs and a community of more than 30 million musicians worldwide, it is…

8. Soundcamps.com

Another well-known music company that provides actual live broadcasts and helps you grow your number of fans by allowing them to hear your music. The company database contains the most active network of playlist curators and analyzes music lists from each playlist to maximize audience results. The soundcamps assist creative, talented musicians build their careers as playlist curators by adding their songs to your playlists. The musicians will also get compensated for referring to new songs and giving comments to…

9. SubmitHub

SubmitHub is a useful tool for artists that helps the users to connect with influencers, YouTubers, and radio stations through music playlists. To begin here, you'll need to create a profile. The profile information is rather basic, as it is on any similar website. Fill in your artist name, a picture, and social media links before finishing. It charges musicians and artists a nominal charge per submission to promote the music submission process for blogs, SoundCloud, and YouTube channels. All…