10 Mixxx Alternatives

Mixxx alternatives

Mixxx is powerful free DJ software that offers support for automatic mixing and dual decks and lets you professionally mix songs. It is wrapped with iTunes integration, live broadcasting, and BPM synchronization and detection. Mixxx lets you configure the audio parameters and works with external USB sound cards and MIDI controllers.

You can export the mixed sounds for decks, samples, and microphones to a single file. The software offers users the to set the loop points of a track, increase or decrease the speed, use the vinyl tool like a real recorder, and visualize the audio changes in a waveform display.


  • Pitch And Key Control
  • Quantization
  • Broad Format Support
  • Beat Looping
  • EQ and Crossfader Control
  • Beat Rolls And Censor
  • Midi And Hid Controller Support

Similar to Mixxx

1. GarageBand

GarageBand alternatives

GarageBand is a straightforward software application specially designed to create high-quality audio content with a vast collection of controls, effects, and tools. A sizeable sound library is here, lets users have their virtual recording sessions. The software includes 40 built-in lessons to playing various types of music like classical, rock, pop, and even blues. It is possible to use the sound of a few instruments or a virtual session drummer to work on songs. Moreover, you can alter the audio’s…

2. FL Studio

FL Studio alternatives

FL Studio is a reliable and comprehensive program with a wide array of tools to edit and mix audio tracks. Here are some professional tools like state-of-the-art mixers, integrated instruments, equalizers, etc. The application consists of a myriad of buttons and is relatively easy to install. It is possible to create the song or effect with a virtual piano, and there is also support for plugins for improved functionality. You can edit tracks or perform more actions simultaneously; also, it…

3. Ableton Live

Ableton Live alternatives

Ableton Live is a straightforward application that helps users apply special effects, record audio streams, and perform different mixing and editing operations. There is a multitude of dedicated parameters, useful tutorials, and a help manual to work with this tool. Ableton Live lets you organize the flow of signals, alter and record clips, create new clips via recording, mixing options, sound synthesis, and effects processing. This program comes with a few handy features such as editing and accessing MIDI content,…

4. Serato Scratch Live

Serato Scratch Live alternatives

Serato Scratch Live is a comprehensive vinyl emulation tool that offers users the to playback and manipulates digital audio files using CD players or classic vinyl turntables. The workflow of this utility is organized to refine your performance with brand new features and increased stability. Serato Scratch Live is the best DJ application on the planet and software like VirtualDJ. There are core features such as cover cueing, key lock, looping, effects, and the SP-6 sample player. Play songs from…

5. DJ Mixer Pro

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DJ Mixer Pro is a reliable piece of software that provides numerous effects, enables you to mix and play tracks, and lets DJs mix up to four tracks a time. The user can use it four decks at a time or combined, depending on the user’s skill level. A comprehensive interface is introduced here with buttons, faders, and knobs. You can assign keys on your keyboard with a learn function to grip the parts of the DJing program. This application…

6. Deckadance

Deckadance alternatives

Deckadance is an intuitive and reliable program that works like 4-deck music mixing instrument, allowing users to mix music creatively with numerous effects. The developer is Gibson Guitar Corp, and the appearance of this tool is practical and flexible. Inexperienced users need to access the music folder using the file browser and letting import or create playlists. You can shift your focus to the function panel, and the six buttons enable you to switch between the available sections, effects, mixer,…

7. Cross DJ

Cross DJ alternatives

Cross DJ is a comprehensive and reliable DJing application specially designed as a MIDI controller to play and mix audio tracks. You can load the channels and set up your hardware effortlessly with the PC. The users get a waveform display for loaded tracks, effects, hot cues, cue and sync buttons, easy manage a library, and loops, among many others. A user-friendly and intuitive interface is here to stop, adjust, and click everything. It is possible to see the track’s…

8. Traktor Pro

Traktor Pro alternatives

Traktor Pro is a professional DJ application that mixes tracks and creates your music, and it can be used for live broadcasts. A setup wizard allows you to make the necessary accommodations when launching this tool. The user can reset all the other preferences to their default values and configure raw MIDI and audio settings. Native Instruments develop Traktor Pro, and the interface of this utility has an elegant and professional look. This tool boasts a friendly environment, with TruWave…

9. Serato DJ

Serato DJ alternatives

Serato DJ is a professional grade program for mixing the preferred tunes, set the new standard for controller DJs, and delivering all performance and features to meet the demands of DJs. There are many controls for loops, cues, markers, and more, so playing and adding the music files is quite simple. You can discover the available special effects to explore the setup area. A recording function is here to keep in PC or share the mixes. Also, the iTunes library…

10. VirtualDJ

VirtualDJ - MP3 Mixing Software is popular mixing MP3 software, which offers full karaoke support, pitch control, and many handy features. A complicated interface is here to work with multiple tunes at the same time. You get a BPM calculator, dynamic beat visualizer, virtual scratch, and standard controls from one interface. This application integrates real scratch simulation, three-band equalizers, a BeatLock engine, a master tempo pitch algorithm, and OSC network synchronization. DJs can perform live remixes with the synchronized sampler and…

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