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Math Playground is a website providing multiple games and mathematical art for children to make them more intelligent than before. It offers a wide range of fun for all users to do brain workouts. It contains math games like addition, multiplication, fraction, geometry, pre-algebra, math models, etc. It offers many games to make children more intelligent, like find pathways, puzzles, brainy, bright arcades, perfect timing, and many more.

It contains many multiplayer games which allow users to play games with their friends, and it also enables children to get attached through google classroom while paying on Math Playground. Math playground gives children many fun games like racing, sports, etc.

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  • The safest platform for children.
  • Divides games w.r.t categories.
  • Easy to search for any game.
  • Skill-enhancing games.


  • Increase children’s IQ.
  • No age restriction.
  • Helps children understand things.


  • Ads distract.
  • Don’t save performance.
  • The only minimum games are academics.

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Type Rush.com is a free racing and typing video game in which the player can show off his typing skills. In this game, the player can play both boat race and street race. The speed of your vehicle during the race depends on your typing speed. The faster you type the paragraph the faster your vehicle will move and cross the finish line. This game gives you option to select your desired vehicles before playing the game. In addition to…

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Keymash.io is a free typing and racing video game that is designed for enhancing your typing skill. In this game, the player has to take part in a race and advance his vehicle faster. The speed of the vehicle depends on the typing speed, so the player has to type fast for winning the race. This game gives you the option to play with your friends, family members, and other online players. To play this game, the player has to…

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FreeTypingGame. Net is a free interactive typing tutor and gaming website designed for learning typing. This site provides people with various learning games and lessons so they can easily learn typing. The site teaches its users keys daily and takes the test of all the keys of previous lessons before teaching new keys. Furthermore, this site provides its users with a printable certificate after teaching each lesson. It starts teaching with the home row keys and then works its way…


Prodigy Math Game is a free learning, education, and single-player video game developed by SMART Teacher Inc. It is a platform from which the students can easily learn mathematical problems. In this game, the player has to solve difficult math problems for making progress. The player of this game has the opportunity to learn 1400 skills for making his maths better. This game provides the player with rewards for giving the right answer to a question. But if the player…

Steno Arcade is a free puzzle, typing, simulation, and arcade video game developed by For All to Play. In this game, the player has to play the role of a musician and his task is to sing a song. To sing a song, the player has to type the words using his keyboard. To make progress, the player has to complete the line of words in a limited time. This game has various levels and all these levels have challenging…

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure is a free education, casual, typing, and adventure video game developed by Individual Software. This game is set in the beautiful land of Typelandia where the player has to play different typing games. It has multiple characters from which the player can choose his favorite character for playing the game. The task of the player is to type the letters for moving the character and cross the finish line before his competitors. In this game, the…

Nitro Type is a free racing, driving, and puzzle and typing video game playing which you can increase your typing skills. Before starting the game, the players have to select his favorite vehicle from all the provided vehicles. To ensure the victory, the players have to type the paragraph as soon as possible. This game provides the players with rewards and accuracy bonuses on defeating competitors. Using these rewards, the players can unlock upgrades and various vehicles. This game has…


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