8 Locate32 Alternatives

Locate32 is a portable and lightweight application that comes equipped with advanced settings and enables users to save names of all files in hard drives to a database. There is no need for installation and the user can run it on any workstation also save to a USB flash disk.

This program comprises an intuitive interface based on the standard window. It is possible to filter searches by excluding subdirectories, writing extensions, specifying the maximum and minimum file size, along with file attributes and a time range. You can also schedule updates, delete private data, configure keyboard shortcuts, minimize the app to the system tray, and others.


  • File Sharing
  • Search-in File
  • Duplicate File Folder
  • Indexed Search
  • Advanced File Management
  • Easy to Use

Similar to Locate32

1. PowerGREP

PowerGREP is an extensive file finder for binary and text files, featuring a library with predefined actions, a built-in text editor, support for regular expressions, and more. Here the users meet a professional-looking interface with a clear-cut structure that includes multiple panes. As compared to other similar software, PowerGREP is quite simple yet powerful to use that comes with almost all the leading Windows grep tools. With the help of this solution, you can easily search through large numbers of…

2. Lookeen Desktop Search

Lookeen Desktop Search is a powerful search application that lets users search files on PC or data within emails, documents, and attachments. There are search-as-you-type capabilities to find what the users are looking for. You can preview any of the files which appear in the search results list. It is possible to simultaneously search the contents of office documents, web content like PHP or HTML pages, PDF files, and much more. The software helps you to change the indexing speed…

3. UltraSearch

UltraSearch is an efficient and handy application which is used to define filters to narrow down the results and find files on local NTFS drives without indexing them first. There is a Master File Table to get a boost in speed specific to the NTFS system. This utility comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to refine the search operation by defining a list of exclusions. Additionally, the extension excludes two locations automatically such as the system volume information and…

4. Cathy

Cathy is a reliable and useful disk cataloging tool that is specially designed for creating backups for your files and also translates into a large collection of discs. The user can catalog a wide range of media types and there is an intuitive and clean interface that is easy to figure out. This program works with directories and subdirectories and helps you index the files stored on different removable media. It is possible to get help with the drag and…

5. SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFiles is a portable and lightweight program that can find files on the disk quickly, save and generate reports to file, indicate exclusions, and use wildcards. This application does not modify Windows registry settings, allow you to save this tool to any PC, and store it on a USB flash drive. There are simple-to-use and clear interface and search options. You can create an exclusion list with file extensions and directories and select the base folder. It is possible to…

6. Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search is a simple and reliable application that offers a powerful search engine on the user’s desktop, targeting browser history, emails, local contact and local files, and favorites. This program comprises a clean interface and helps you to navigate to the other tabs and view all types of categories. The user can preview content on the bottom part of the screen and sort the file by date or folder. You can refine the search for files, emails, videos,…

7. FileLocator

FileLocator is a straightforward program that can filter files by timestamps and attributes, use regex, exhaustively search your PC for essential files, and save and generate reports. This extension comes with a user-friendly interface, offers a lot of customization options, and has multilingual support. There is a notable feature that supports multiple tabs to perform multiple searches at the same time with various filters. It is possible to establish the enhanced file searching mode, search mode, and Boolean expression match…

8. Everything

Everything is an excellent and reliable file searcher with advanced sorting modes and filters, regex, bookmarks, and file list export. This program indexes drives automatically, updates its index, and monitors drivers for changes. The user can choose the data location and the app’s settings, and specify the service port before installation. There is an intuitive interface with advanced features and the menu bar includes several options to explore. You can instantly apply advanced filters and find files. It is possible…

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