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As we are talking about stories viewing or downloading, this is an app that helps you see the stories of your desired people anonymously. You can’t download anything but view everything without letting other people know that you’ve just stalked them. Its core functionality is to discover your stalker and see who viewed your profiles with damn ease.

You can secretly watch stories of IG users, and stalk them without leaving your footprints. It helps you find out who stalked your account, finds who blocked your account, sees how many likes you get on your photos, sees the user engagements, and explores multiple things effortlessly.

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Despite viewing Instagram stories, you can see all the inactive followers and follow them right away. InStalker – Who Viewed My Profile Instagram is the most exceptional tool if you want to know who stalked, blocked, or stopped falling you.


  • Detect your fake followers
  • Find users who viewed your IG account 
  • Discover blocked accounts
  • Find who blocked your account
  • Followers Increase and Fall Tracking
  • See your fans who stalked your profile

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Pixwox makes it effortless to download and view Instagram posts, download and view Instagram stories, download and view Instagram posts in the way you want. Despite exploring your desired username through it, Pixwox also enables you to download or view them in your own way. Users can effortlessly download both private or public accounts or view them offline. Some of its supported and popular hashtags include girl, life, sports, happy, beautiful, Love, Fashion, Art, Food, Travel, and others that you…

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If you are looking for a tool that helps you enlarge the profile photos from Instagram, then you are at the destination. izoomYou makes it easy to view the is easy enlarge the profiles of people on Instagram. It’s the primary function of the app, but it doesn’t finish yet. You can view and download stories, posts, and profile pictures from Instagram to your mobile devices without doing anything. You can search for your desired people and stalk them without…

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InstaStories provides anonymous IG browsing and viewing from the users you want to see. On this anonymous IG browser, all you need to do is to enter the needed username in the search bar and click over the search icon to get the results.  You can simply enter the intended username in the search bar and let the platform does the rest. You can simply add your desired usernames to the list of favorites and enjoy watching instant access to…

Want to view Instagram stories anonymously? Yes, it’s the right platform for you to stalk others without even letting them know. This platform helps you in watching your desired stories on Instagram without even revealing your identity. It keeps your stalking a secret and never share it with others. You can view profiles of your desired people, get to know followers, stories on IG, and tagged posts anonymously ANONYMOUSLY. Dumpor helps you search for Instagram profiles, tags, and locations just…

Want to download stories, pics, and videos of people on Instagram, 4K Stogram is here for you. 4K Stogram makes it tremendously easy to download stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations on Instagram without even paying for anything. Through this website, you can simply download your desired media from multiple Instagram accounts. For this reason, you have to paste the name of the user, location, and hashtag of Instagram into the app and click over the download button to get things…

StoriesIG is an excellent tool for you if you want to view stories, stalk statuses of people, and download them without doing any prior efforts. This app helps you watch all the stories anonymously and download them for free from their Instagram’s account (only public). All you need to do is to enter your embattled Instagram Username, click over the view button and wait for some seconds. Whenever the app loads the video for you, you can watch them anonymously. …

FastSave assists its global users to browse and download videos/photos from their intended IG users without paying for anything. Fastsave - Repost photo videos is a tremendously used platform for stalking the IDs of people available on Instagram. You can instantly view videos and photos offline by downloading them via this app. You can even repost the entire photos or videos as well with some simple clicks. It features easy browsing, extreme security, and a fast download speed for your desired…

8: Storiesgrams


Another amazing app that makes it super easy and anonymous to explore and download content from Instagram. Storiesgrams is an exceptional tool through which you can not only watch but also download stories, IGTV, posts, reels, and other media without even revealing your identity. It contains a sleek download button that you can get beneath every post to download things with a single tap of the button. You can download your desired things from Instagram even if you don’t have…

Save stories from your desired people with ease. Instore is an exceptional app to download videos and photos from Instagram’s public accounts in some simple clicks. Using this IG downloader, you can save unlimited stories, photos, and videos from your desired accounts without even paying for anything. Despite downloading stories or videos, Instore app also launches its feature that generates captions and hashtags by just uploading your photos. You can also watch the video if you want to know how…

Instasaved is amongst the top Instagram downloader website that helps you download your desired things from Instagram in a breeze. You can not only download photos, does, albums, and IGTV, but also enjoy downloading stories of people instantly. It does not need any login or personal requirements. You can simply come to the site and start downloading your desired stuff from your desired account on Instagram. Instasaved is a significant photo-sharing site in the world that helps you download media…

StorySaver.net, another sleek tool for you if you want to download stories of people you want from Instagram. It helps you become a pro-level stalker without even leaving any marks behind. You can easily view and download stories of almost all the public accounts on Instagram and enjoy things intuitively. For downloading statuses, you have to enter the user name and click over the download button. After this, you have to select the current story as well as the highlights…

Not so popular but significant tool for downloading videos and photo stories from Instagram. You can instantly download intended stories from Instagram to your phones with a single click of a button. It helps you save stories from public accounts on IG right on your mobile phone without even revealing your id. You can repost stores for Instagram and download stories to your devices. It helps your browse stories from your feed and you can even discover stories of particular…


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