8 Sites Like HD Tune

HD Tune is a development website and tool used for testing the hard drive. This site enables people to check their drives’ performance and health status and scan the errors. In addition to checking the performance and health status, people can also learn about burst speed, damaged blocks, and access time.

After checking and testing the hard disk, the site displays all the information on the screen. Furthermore, the users of this site can find the benchmarks to show the maximum, minimum, and average transfer rates. With the help of this site, you can get to know about the temperature of their HDD.


  • Test the hard drive
  • Check the performance of drives
  • Check their health status
  • Scan the errors
  • Get to know about burst speed
  • Get information on damaged blocks
  • Know about access time
  • Find the benchmarks
  • Get information on HDD temperature

HD Tune Alternatives



1. SSD Fresh

SSD Fresh is an OS and utility website developed for getting information on computers' hard disk drives. With the help of this site, people can detect their possible disk failures before they fail. This website provides reports of all the attributes well-defined for storage devices, like power-on hour count, performance index, and estimated lifetime hours. Moreover, the users of this site can get information about storage devices and access details of HDD/SSD. Using this site, you can monitor the health…

2. CheckDrive

CheckDrive is an OS and utility website used to monitor your device's storage. With the help of this site, people can check the health of their storage device and analyze the corrupted files present in the storage device. In addition to checking the storage device and analyzing the corrupted files, the site scans the drives and detects errors. After checking the storage device and scanning the drives, this site provides all the information. Furthermore, the site has a task scheduler…

3. HDDExpert

HDDExpert is an OS, utility website, and tool developed for getting information on storage devices. With the help of this site, you can get to know all the information on your PC, Smartphone, and Notebook. This site's information on smartphones and PCs includes firmware version, manufacturer, model revision, and serial number. Using this site, people can perform an in-depth analysis of their device's health and state information. In addition to performing an in-depth analysis of the device, you can monitor…

4. SSD Booster

SSD Booster is an OS and utility website designed for speeding up and accelerating your windows. To speed up and accelerate windows, people have compressed their storage devices. In addition to compressing storage devices and accelerating windows, the site also enables you to improve the drive's performance. The site can locate the temporary files and cache data stored on Internet browsers. After locating the temporary files and cache data, the site can delete and defrag it. This site enables you…

5. SSD Tweaker

SSD Tweaker is an optimization and utility website developed to improve the performance of SSD. This website has multiple options to enhance the efficiency and speed of SSD. The site is organized in the tabs on the top section of the site. You can use this site to perform automatic optimizations and disable large system cache. Moreover, the users of this site can disable Windows indexing, limit NTFS memory, and disable/enable data stamping. SSD Tweaker website can adjust the garbage…

6. SSdReady

SSdReady is a drive life tester website and monitoring tool developed to check the drive. With the help of this site, you can predict how long will SSD drive will work in the system. Using this site, people can quickly check the actual usage conditions of their drive. This site's users can control the life of their SSD drive. Moreover, when the site checks the disk and finds too many writes, it will tell you what to optimize. The SsdReady…

7. SSD Life

SSD Life is a drive analyzer website and tool using which you can ensure that your data is safely stored in your drive. This website uses a unique algorithm for calculating the estimated lifetime of the drive. In addition to estimating the drive's lifetime, you can also analyze how to use a solid-state drive. The site displays the whole information about SSD, like the model, manufacturer, and system supports trim or not on the main window. Moreover, this site supports…

8. AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark is an OS, utility, and benchmarking tool used to check storage devices. This website displays technical information with graphical displays and data points in a visually appealing manner. It has a graph that provides a wide range of information, including error rates, reading speeds, writing speeds, and latency information. With this site, people can check their disk drive, and after getting the result, they can compare their disk drive results with others’ disk drive results. Furthermore, this…