12 Games Like Happy Chef

Happy Chef is a simulation, adventure, and time-management game by Nordcurrent. Throughout this game, the player has to serve as a chef and make multiple dishes. The game provides the player with multiple food ingredients for making delicious dishes. In this game, the player must complete multiple orders and functions.

After completing orders and providing the service, the player receives money. This game enables the player to create the restaurant and decorate it. There are five different locations in the game on which players can create restaurants. The player can decorate the restaurant with various kitchen accessories and furniture. Happy Chef has seventy levels, beautiful visual details, enhanced game mechanics, and addictive gameplay.


  • Serve as a chef
  • Make multiple dishes
  • Provides multiple food ingredients
  • Complete multiple orders
  • Earn money on completing orders
  • Create the restaurant and decorate it
  • Five different locations
  • Seventy levels
  • Beautiful visual details
  • Enhanced game mechanics
  • Addictive gameplay

Happy Chef Alternatives


1. KaTom Restaurant Supply

KaTom Restaurant Supply is an online shopping app and marketplace developed by Restaurant Supply, Inc. From this site; people can buy food preparation and restaurant equipment like blenders, food processors, mixers, ice makers, refrigerators, and freezers. The site provides people with restaurant furniture, kitchen supplies, and front-of-house products like dinnerware, glassware, dispensers, and other accessories. Moreover, the users of this site can also shop for storage items, transport kitchen items, disposable items, and cleaning items. This site enables its users…

2. Mission Restaurant Supply

Mission Restaurant Supply is a food service equipment website and marketplace used to buy food industry products. With the help of this site, people can buy high-quality products for their bakery, restaurant, catering, kitchen, and bar. This site enables users to find desired products by category and type. Moreover, the site has a cart option where you can add the products you want to buy later. This site provided people with a search bar using which they can easily search…

3. Webstaurant Store

Webstaurant Store is a shopping and lifestyle website used for buying products. With the help of this app, people can buy various household products. The various products provided by this app include furniture, storage, transport, dinnerware, restaurant equipment, and industrial supplies. This site also provides deals on multiple products so people can buy the products at a low price. You must sign up for the site with your email address to get the latest product deals. Like other similar sites,…

4. Parts Town

Parts Town is a shopping and food service app developed by Parts Town LLC. Using this app, people can find and buy real kitchen products and manual equipment. The kitchen products provided by this app include combi ovens, refrigerators, fryers, and ice machines. This app lets users download the OEM manual on their device and save it for reference. In this app, you can search for the products by category, manufacturer, or model. It provides people with a detailed page…

5. Vevor

Vevor is a lifestyle tool and shopping app developed by arcic. This app is designed to provide its users with the DIY tool and equipment at the lowest prices. The products available on this app include kitchenware, sporting goods, industrial products, pet supplies, and machine tools. All the products provided by this app are of high quality and maintain their strength after long uses and journeys. Moreover, the app provides its users discount codes on various products to save money.…

6. Sur la Table

Sur la Table is a shopping and retailer website developed by Marquee Brands CSC Generation. This site is specially designed for selling kitchenware, outdoor products, and houseware. With the help of this site, people can buy cooking tools, bakeware, glassware, food, and small electrics. To buy kitchen products from this site, you must sign in with your email address and password. All the kitchen products provided by this site are of various brands. Furthermore, the site provides you with a…

7. Central Restaurant

Central Restaurant is an online shopping app and marketplace website using which you can buy products at low prices. Using this site, people can buy kitchen furniture, refrigerators, food preparation, and cooking equipment. In addition to buying all these products, users can also buy dishwashing, sanitation, shelving, and dining room products. Like other similar sites, this site also provides you with a search bar. Using this search bar, you can easily search for your desired items and products. Furthermore, this…

8. Restaurant Depot

Restaurant Depot is a marketplace and shopping app developed by Restaurant Depot LLC. This app is designed especially for Restaurant depot members who want to shop online. People must create a shopping list to buy products from this app. After creating a shopping list, you have to order online for pickup or delivery. On this app, you can find items quickly using the barcode scanner. Furthermore, this app stores all the information on the receipt and provides it when required.…

9. LionsDeal

LionsDeal is an online store, marketplace, and shopping website from where you can get everything you desire. This site provides its users with the products of catering, bakery, and restaurant businesses. In addition to providing the products restaurant business, the site also provides things for offices, schools, and universities. The products provided by this site for offices, schools, and universities include furniture like high chairs, tables, and chairs. Furthermore, the site provides its users with bar products like bar caddies,…

10. LollicupStore

LollicupStore is a shopping app and marketplace used to shop for food service products and restaurant supplies. Using this app, you can find and get a wide range of restaurant supplies, from janitorial to disposable. The janitorial to disposable products this app provides include gloves, cups with lids, and containers. All the products provided by this app are of various industry-leading brands. This app enables users to navigate the app and discover new products effortlessly. Furthermore, the app offers people…

11. FoodServiceDirect

FoodServiceDirect is a marketplace, shopping website, and online store used for buying products. Using this site, people can find dinnerware, kitchen smallware, kitchen equipment, and janitorial supplies. In addition to buying all these products, people can also buy international foods, beverages, and disposables. This website has a search bar using which people can search for their desired things. To search for the desired things, you have to place the name of the things in the search bar. Furthermore, the site…

12. Tiger Chef

Tiger Chef is an online service and food service website that fulfill your commercial need in the field of cooking. With the help of this site, you can get products that you require for cooking purposes. People can easily buy all kinds of baking and bar supplies from this site at low prices. In addition to buying baking and bar supplies, you can also buy various appliances. Using this site, you can buy kitchen and cooking products and furniture for…