10 GeekPrank.com Alternatives

GeekPrank.com brings one of the most hilarious yet authentic ways of pranking your friends who use computers so often. Through this website, you can use Windows XP and other online pranks to have a fun time. All you need to do is to open this website whenever they are away from PC and wait for them to return to watch their reaction.

This will transform their highly updated devices and windows with windows 7 interface that will halt after they make a click. Other than these, Dos, FBI Lock, Matrix Rain, TV Noise, Jurassic Park, Virus, iOS, News, and more. Through this site, you can prank programmers, gamers, freelancers, and other computer geeks of your circle.


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Sites Like GeekPrank.com


1. The Useless Web

The Useless Web is a platform of websites that help users find a useless website that will help them get rid of boring things and spend time without searching for anything. The useless websites are best for fun lovers, and these types of people spend as much time as they want on this platform and no need to notice time while using these sites. You can browse these websites on your device, which will take you to somewhere good enough…

2. GeekTyper

GeekTyper is a program that is available for all types of devices that help its users to show their master skills and look cool among the crowd by showing them your programming skills. This excellent app is available on the Google play store that can be downloaded easily and provides hundreds of features, including images and visual effects. But you have to use this app carefully to avoid getting into trouble because hacking through this software is not absolute, and…

3. Hoacks

Hoacks is an online prank website that will help you create a screen, like real computer hackers have, and make a prank on others. This website doesn't steal any data from others; it just fools the people with its fantastic look. The most important feature this platform offers is its encoded hidden message that only real hackers can discover. This application is available free of cost, and anyone can enjoy this platform. It also boosts users' confidence level to have…

4. fediafedia

fediafedia is a fun way to become a pro-level hacker (that you only pretend for fun). Through multiple scenarios including 3D viewers, update screens, screenplay writers, geek type, and more, fediafedia.com helps you enjoy everything flawlessly. Some of its available stuff includes ScreenStyler, FakeUpdate, Omnimo, SteamCustomizer, GeekTyper, etc. All you need to do is to come to the site and choose whatever you want from its collection to prank your friends. Whether you want to hack by a realistic hacking…

5. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty is an exciting arcade game that you can play for endless hours and have fun whenever you want. This is a clean site having a flying (stick to the bottom), the crazy worm that moves as per the movement of the curser. When you rapidly move it, a flashing image with loud music is being played till the movement of the cursor stops. There are thousands of global players who love playing it in their spare time and…

6. Human Benchmark

Human Benchmark contains an exciting way to measure your capabilities of yours with highly exciting brain games and cognitive tests. Despite measuring your mental level, Human Benchmark also helps you boost your learning and thinking capabilities in the best possible way. You can effectively measure your abilities with engaging mind games that also boost your reflexes and helps you think big. Reaction time tool is available to measure your reaction time along with various other gaming modes. Some of its…

7. EssayTyper

EssayTyper is a writing platform that enables users to write essays on their work or class assignments when they have no time. The platform generates default user articles, and they have to write the name of the topic they want the story to be written about. The platform works. Users type the title of their article, and by pressing a button, it takes them to a new page. On this page, by clicking one button on the keyboard, it starts…

8. Weave Silk

Weave Silk is an interactive art generative platform where you can draw anything of your interest and provides the facility to save them for later use. You can remove as many things as you want, and most importantly, kids can enjoy this software to bring their ideas into reality and explore their creativity all over the globe. Its interface is so easy to use that it has an uncomplicated menu bar with a simple setting and provides the feature to…

9. Online Hacker Simulator

Do you have ever dream of being the world’s best hacker? If so, consider your dream comes true as Online Hacker Simulator offers you a chance to be a hacker and simulate different programs while stealing sensitive information. As it starts, the following options will be displayed on your screen, including Director, Terminal, Transfer, Scripts, and Encryptor. Besides, you have the following customization options that you can use to make choices like Colors, Fonts, Windows, Text, Animation Speed, and more.…

10. HackerTyper

HackerTyper is a free-to-use fun site that lets you turn all your hacker dreams into pseudo-reality. It is a browser-based application that allows you to write hacking codes using your keyboard. The site is also best for those who want to impress their friends by using their hacking skills. One of the most interesting facts about this site is that it offers hundreds of fake hacking code templates that you can save and share with friends with just a single…