5 Games Like Brickadia

Whether you are looking for Similar Games to Garry’s Mod or People Playground, Brickadia fits perfectly in both lists. It takes place in the sandbox world where you can’t see the character, which means you are allowed to explore the land surrounding you from a first-person viewpoint. The world is made up of blocks that can be built and smashed to form the world of your dream.

Brickadia features the multiplayer functionality that brings players from worldwide close to each other. Now, you have a chance to use a series of tools whether to create your world or blow up your friends brutally to have fun. Using different blocks, you can create whatever you are dreaming of to kick off your creative skills and take them to the next level.


  • Customization
  • Playable Characters
  • Create Mini-Games
  • Game Modes
  • Beat Your Friends
  • Change Your Appearance

Brickadia Alternatives


1. Fireworks Mania

Fireworks Mania is one of the best Sandbox, Exploration, and Adventure video games, developed by Laumania ApS. It serves as an explosive Simulator where you are thrown between fireworks. Control the main character and explore the land from a first-person viewpoint to blow up the environment using firecrackers. There are dozens of tools you can use to destroy the scenes; each one has unique property and usage. The developer promises to not offer you the same thing twice that increases…

2. Playcraft

Playcraft is a Sandbox and Massively Multiplayer Online video game where players from worldwide can play against each other using a variety of tools. Bebop Games develops it for players who love beating their friends in-game, as well as it is also the best alternative to Garry’s Mod and People Playground. The game is full of fun and it allows you to create your games using intuitive controls with no coding option. Via their tools, developers are eager to show…

3. Neos

Do you love playing VR (Virtual Reality) Games? If so, then you should try Neos VR as it could be your one of the best VR game all the time. Set in an unknown universe where you may discover strange creatures and other people. It is designed for those players who love to hang out with friends by falling into fun-filled activities. During the game, you can import and create your avatar using the customization feature. You are allowed to…

4. People Playground

People Playground is a Physics-based Sandbox and Single-player video game that plays from a side-scroll viewpoint. Mestiez develops the game for Microsoft Windows and introduces fabulous features, along with stunning gameplay and brilliant mechanics. The game leaves you between ragdoll characters to shoot, stab, and crush to have fun. There are a variety of objects available; each with different properties that describe how it interacts with others in the land. During the game, you can stab people ahead of your…