10 Fitness Blender Alternatives

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Developed by Kelli and Daniel, Fitness Blender is an online marketplace through which users can get numerous workout media in real-time. Anyone who can access the site will get the workout videos enclosed with the details and the exercises techniques, articles based on fitness & health, and much more.

Fitness Blender also comes with such types of workout plans, generally for which there is no need to use any of the standard or special equipment, so customers don’t have to spend money for taking their body to the shape it requires. They offer multiple workout techniques like high-intensity interval training, barre exercises, yoga, Pilates, stretching, cardio, etc.

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  • Low Impact Workouts
  • Strengthen
  • Lengthen and Tone
  • Personalized fitness plans
  • Nutritional resources

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10 Alternatives Listed
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Headquartered in New York and founded in 2013, Booya Fitness deals with the online fitness-based video service provider that contains on-demand fitness classes and regularly scheduled sessions. The platform manages a subscription-based network on which classes are given by experts and professionals from all over the globe. Booya Fitness offers classes on the techniques such as Pilates, barre, HIIT, cardio kickbox, dance, sports conditioning, and much more. They also come with content related to nutrition, health tips, travel, recipes, workout…

2: Glo

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Founded in 2008, based in Santa Monica, CA, Glo comes with powerful technology that helps persons with their health and wellness by providing online classes based on meditation, yoga, Pilates, and other similar informational content. Over time, this platform is beginning to lead the market with the help of a massive community of expert coaches and numerous active customers. Glo also offers benefits based on the generous time-off policy, meditation breaks, regular yoga, etc. They have the intention to help…

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24 Hour Fitness is an online site specifically developed to help people who need to get good fitness sessions but don't have much time to go to the gym regularly. Anyone can get full access to its features by paying for the premium subscription, which is at an affordable price so that they can miss no class and tip. Users can get their entire sessions in a tracking mode to have the complete history of their doings and everything happening…

Bad Ass Academy is based in Brooklyn, and having training facilities for their customers to help them prepare for their challenges regarding self-improvement and lifestyle. The platform puts every client on the pathway for handling their fitness needs. They are also getting better by giving services from leaders from multiple surroundings, such as medical, fitness, tactical professionals, and the military, to develop their curriculum better. Apart from that, Bad Ass Academy chooses the best and most powerful techniques and different…

Daily Burn refers to the home fitness solution provider that can provide customers with a massive library of workout media. It can offer its users several learning classes that can even contain the daily updated workout content in the 360 programs. Anyone linked with this platform can access multiple efficient ways in their workout plans, such as yoga, total-body workouts, meditation, stretching, Barre Harmony, mobility, cardio, dance, and much more. Daily Burn also comes with workout plans that don't require…

Beachbody on Demand is an online program where users can get numerous effective workout plans. The platform works based on on-demand services and can instantly provide hundreds of fitness programs. Beachbody on Demand comes with services that include the programs such as Insanity & Focus T25 by Shaun T, P90X by Tony Horton, 21 Day Fix by Autumn Calabrese, and many more similar ones. Customers can even get their coach on registration who is always available for their help regarding…


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