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Fastic: Intermittent Fasting app is backed by experts, so you naturally and effortlessly shed your fat while improving your body and mind function. Keep a record and identify your main stages in your intermittent fasting journey with our body status feature. Track your intermittent fasting window more effortlessly so you don’t need to worry about when it starts and when it ends.

User can easily monitor their daily steps and improve their progress to get closer to their goal with a step counter. Build healthy habits with our fun daily and weekly challenges that will motivate you by keeping you on track. Users can get social and find their fasting buddies to get inspired with real and motivating stories of their fasting journey.

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  • body status
  • fasting timer
  • step and activity tracker
  • water tracker
  • syncs with the health app

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With Fasting Time - Intermittent Fasting Tracker Diet app you can mark your daily progress by setting daily goals as a timer.  Regular daily inspirational messages will notify you to keep you motivated throughout your fasting journey. On users fasting days the countdown timer will run in the notifications bar to keep them up to date. Users can also individually set a countdown timer for their active fast for their convenience. Users can easily track each fasting method separately like…

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YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker app helps you successfully lose weight fast in a healthy way without dieting. Say goodbye to feeling hungry with our food tracker and easy-to-use calorie counter. With a built-in barcode reader, it’s easy for the user to track food nutritional values and macronutrients. User will not get tired of the same fasting plan because there is Up to 20 different fasting plans available. Create your customized meal plan from our 1500 low carb, vegan and…

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Fasting - Intermittent Fasting app helps you in adopting new healthy tips for a better lifestyle.  Detoxify your body, burn fat reserves, reduce inflammation, control blood sugar levels, and reduce the aging effect.  Users don’t need to track calories by themselves instead they have to only enter the food they consumed. Users can log in to their google account to sync their fitness data with Google fit. For users' better understanding, tips and content about intermittent fasting are available. You…

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If: Intermittent Fasting 168 app enables you to get slim by eating at the right time while avoiding the yoyo effect. There are ample recipes to choose from according to taste. Each recipe is full of nutrition in a way that keeps you full during fasting. This fasting tracker app helps you in making your daily plan by telling you when you should fast and when you should eat. The water tracker reminds you to drink water to maintain your…

Clear- intermittent fasting app gives you visible results completely in a natural way in just one week. You will get to know interesting facts about intermittent fasting and how it positively affects your body. With regularly updated recipes users will stay healthy while keeping their energy level high and can avoid cravings during the fasting phase. It has a vast variety of diet plans such as paleo, vegan, low carb, and vegetarian. Get regular reminders about water consumption to achieve…

DoFasting - The fasting Tracker app will keep you motivated throughout your journey by providing insights from professional experts This app offers the most popular 7 fasting schedules that users can choose according to their preference. During the eating window, you can choose from 5000+ easy-to-make and healthy recipes designed by professional nutritionists. With daily articles and notifications, useful information is provided to users related to intermittent fasting to keep them on track. For more efficient fasting our easy-to-use calories…

Simple: Intermittent Fasting app provides a nutrition tracking feature that helps you track all your meal nutritions without any extra input. Regular tips and guides from experts with help you adopt healthy habits. Recipes are created by professional experts for mindful eating and are full of nutrients to keep you full and active all day long. With a fasting reminder, it’s easy to start and end your fasts times with one click. You need to drink a sufficient amount of…

Fasting tracker 16/8 - intermittent fasting app is suitable for all levels of fasters, and is designed to guide both beginners and experienced. Its specially designed effective system of eating allows the users to eat their favorite food and lose weight without being starved. This free app will help you track all your weight changes; add your weight changes regularly to check your progress throughout this incredible phase. From different intermittent plans users can choose an effective plan according to…

In Fasting: Track fasting hours, intermittent fasting app user gets to choose from different fasting plans and can also customize one according to their requirements. Tracking your fasting hours is so easy, so users need not manually do it every time they fast. Complete guidelines for beginners, so there is no need to search for know-how on intermittent fasting elsewhere. Track your progress easily in weight history by adding your weight manually whenever you measure. Users can input their weights…

MyFast - Intermittent Fasting Tracker Schedule App enables you to schedule your fasting window for a whole week and notifies you when to start and stop eating. With manual mode you can easily add, edit and CVS export your complete fast records. Users can add a widget on the home screen and with one tap can easily track their progress in the charts section. My fast enables you to Sync your progress record on Android or IOS so in case…


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