11 Games Like Evertale

Whether you are searching for Best Role-playing Games or Adventure titles, Evertale perfectly suits your taste as it has both gaming components and comes with stunning graphics. Although it is a premium game, over 300K reviews on Google Play Store are enough to satisfy you. Dive into the fantasy-themed world full of vicious monsters that you can catch, train, and battle against others.

Various sprawling landscapes are there, including bustling cities, mystical dungeons, and more. Explore the world your way to find over 180 monsters and powerful heroes when experiencing the story-driven adventure. During the journey, you may encounter friends and enemies in the six diverse regions of Erden. You are supposed to battle enemies for in-game rewards; however, you can participate in weekly online events for exclusive rewards.


  • Turn-based Combat
  • Capture and Explore
  • PvP Leagues
  • Global Players Online
  • Gear Power-ups
  • 180 Monsters
  • Encounter Friends
  • Boost Your Warrior
  • Hundreds of Unique Ability Combinations

Alternatives to Evertale


1. Forgotten Tales MMORPG Online

Forgotten Tales MMORPG Online is a free role-playing game developed by DM Studio. This RPG offers tons of different maps, exciting quests, items, and monsters. In this game, players explore a huge heroic fantasy world and get lost in the endless forest or arid deserts. It provides players with multiple lethal magic, weapons, and skills for killing enemies. With this game, you can improve your skills by solving thrilling quests. Furthermore, to become the top clan you have to create…

2. Dragon Town

Dragon Town is a free simulation and survival game developed by it’s game. It is an adventure game in which you have to find a white medieval dragon on the secret island. In this game, there is a green dragon island that has beautiful sights like greenery, mountains, and pools. This island is full of colorful gems and diamonds which player has to collect for decorating on the head of their dragon master. Like other free dragon games, Dragon Town…

3. Tower Unite

Tower Unite is a paid MMO and action-adventure video gaming platform developed by Pixel Tail Games. On this platform, the player can play several mini-games with their friends. The mini-games provided by this platform include Virus, Zombie Massacre, and Ball Race. The virus is a surviving game in which a player has to survive in five levels. Zombie Massacre is a shooting game in which player has to survive against the monsters and Zombie. Ball Race is a multiplayer game…

4. Hero Town Online: 2D MMORPG

Hero Town Online: 2D MMORPG is free role-playing developed by Superlink. This game revolves around the village where the strongest and brave heroes of this world gather. It provides players with weapons to become the most powerful warrior and beat the monster. On becoming a member of the leaderboard the players will be provided with rewards. Furthermore, in this game, you can make friends and chat with them whenever you want. It provides players with the strongest and latest equipment…

5. MapleStory M: Fantasy MMORPG

MapleStory M: Fantasy MMORPG is a free role-playing video game developed by NEXON Company. With this game, you can enjoy MMO role-playing game experiences from all around the world whenever you want. This game allows you to get into the game world by creating an amazing character for yourself. In this game, you can go on different adventures, solve multiple questions. Furthermore, it gives you the option to explore the Maple world and engage in battles with monsters and enemies.…

6. Harvest Town

Harvest Town is a free role-playing and simulation mobile game developed by AVIDGamers. This RPG game has various RPG elements for creating a real rural life. In this game player has to build a farmhouse by clipping tree branches, decorating cottages, and clearing weeds. Player has to adopt adorable dogs, cats, and raise their livestock, including ducks, sheep, chickens, horses, and cattle. Furthermore, it gives you the option to unlock the treasure box with a password. It is interactive gameplay…

7. Alchemia Story: MMORPG

Alchemia Story: MMORPG is a free role-playing video game developed by Asobimo, Inc. In this game, the player has to engage in battles with a partner named YOME. YOME will support the player in brutal battles and guide them about the destination. Players can create the character they desire by adjusting the body structure, height, length, and eye color. This game provides players with a variety of equipment for modifying the character. Furthermore, players can make online friends and chat…

8. Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind is a free role-playing video game developed by NEOCRAFT LIMITED. In this game, the player has to play the role of an unnamed character who has to explore the complete side-quests. You can create your characters and customize them with multiple outfits. All the characters created by the player have their storylines to follow. It has multiple innovative gameplay modes, including a quiz, racing, and shooting. This game provides multiple ways to its player for confusing them…

9. Second Life

Second Life is a free MMO and virtual world video game developed by Linden Research, Inc. In this game, the player can live a second life which is an alternate of his actual life. In that second life, the player will be a robot, vehicle, human, animal, and vampire. To get into the world of this virtual game, the player has to create his 3D character. You can create a 3D character by selecting any body type, suitable face, and outfits…

10. VRChat

VRChat is a virtual reality and MMO video game developed by VRChat, Inc. In this virtual world game, players can interact with each other and create their own instanced worlds. At the start of the game, the player has to create a character by choosing its gender and adding different attributes and accessories. Players support eye-tracking, blinking, audio lip-sync, and the complete range of motion of their created characters. This game provides the player with a chance of experiencing 2nd…

11. Pony Town: Social MMORPG

Pony Town: Social MMORPG is a free role-playing game developed by Pony Town Team. In this game, players can create various characters like ponies with unicorn horns and other unique species. You can make your creation amazing by customizing it with various accessories and clothing. After creating and customizing characters players can play the role of their created characters. Furthermore, this game enables players to make friends and chat with them about your day and your experience of the game.…