CricFree Alternatives – Best Sites for Football Live Streaming

Does CricFree Still work? Is CricFree Safe? Is CricFree a legal site? In this post, we will cover all your questions about one of the best streaming sites CricFree.

It is a 100% safe, secure, and legal sports streaming site where you can watch all your favorite live sports events anytime anywhere around the world.

It has lots of different classes and administrations that make it an ideal choice for users. CricFree established its name all over the world and was used by most of the sports enthusiasts.

Is CricFree Blocked?

Unfortunately, the developers of the site have closed this for common users due to dozens of reasons. The copyright of the content might be a possibility, but the main fact is that it has been shut down by the developers and there is no way to getting back onto the normal functioning. So here we help you to find the best alternatives to that provides even batter experience.


Simple, Secure, and Feature-rich. It is the best most established platform in the term of giving free live sports streaming. You can access its service all over the world and watch all your sports events including Football, Cricket, and Baseball, etc.

You can enjoy all the prominent features of sports and it will demonstrate to you when the sports will be live. Its interface is quite easy to understand where you can explore its categories and even use its advanced search box to find your favorite sports event.  


It is a destination for those who want to watch their live sports event in high-quality. It is known as one of the best sites like CricFree and comes with all similar features such as live chat, recommendation, simple interface, and much more.

No need to sign in or provide any personal details. Simply go to the site and enjoy all your streams without any limitations. The best fact about this sports streaming site is that it provides a huge amount of streams as of now and now it is an ideal solution to look at WiziWig.  


Watch all your sports events in HD quality. SportLemon is a comprehensive platform for all sports lovers who want to watch their live sports matches anytime anywhere even on any internet-enabled device. The site contains all sports categories that you can freely explore without limit.

It is totally free to stream site and no require any personal details or signup. Simply go to the site, find the event, and start streaming. There is also has an option to watch sports events with friends around the world and start a conversation with its live chat feature.


One the best, secure and simple p2p sports live stream platform that helps you to watch live football events, soccer matches, and much more without any restriction. The site is designed by a professional team of developers with stream lovers that contains almost all the things that make 1st choice for sports lovers. offer quite easy to understand interface and no require signup. Just find your favorite event and start streaming, chat with friends and other streamers around the world. Overall, SportP2P a best similar sites like


It is designed for crazy sports lovers who want to watch their favorite sports events anywhere. It is a web and mobile-based application that allow you to watch all your live sports events including Football, Baseball, Basketball, and lots of others.

Sport365 comes as the alternatives to CricFree and offers all features including high-quality streaming, live chat, and notifications, etc. It supports more than thirty languages and you can access its service anywhere around the world.

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