Best Alternatives to Cinehub

If you are a cinema lover and want to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on your mobile phone screen without sharing your login information with any third-party apps. Here is the list of 5 similar platforms like Cinehub so you can move to a better online streaming platform.

Why Alternatives to Cinehub?

As you probably know that Cinehub is illegal in various countries around the globe so you can try one of the platforms on the list to watch a movie or a TV show. The online community is also submitting a large number of complaints about various features and trying to search for a streaming platform with all the latest features.

Alternatives to Cinehub

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an alternative to Cinehub that comes up with an extensive collection of trending movies and TV shows to allow users to spend their free time in a new way. The platform customizes the list of movies according to your watch history to provide you with more kid and family-friendly content.

You can search for your favorite movie by applying various filters to the list of available movies such as genre, release date, video quality, duration, etc. It lets you download a movie or a TV show and save it in a separate folder to watch it later while being offline.

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is an online streaming platform with better features than Cinehub to find all your favorite movies while on the go and watch them according to your schedule. You can search for movies by typing the name or keywords on the search bar to view information about all the related moves at a glance.

The platform shows all the links to movies and you can use a link to download the movie or stream it by connecting your device with a WiFi network. It features a huge collection of all the latest movies and TV shows sorted according to genres and movie type.


NightOwl is a one-stop solution to assist you in watching TV shows and movies on your mobile phone screen without downloading them in internal storage. You can update the list of movies and shows daily to watch a new movie every day.

It is an alternative to Cinehub but it saves all the downloaded content on Google drive for faster downloading and online streaming. The platform shows fewer ads as compared to similar streaming apps to make it easy for you to watch more stuff in your current data bundle and save some extra bucks. You can share the link to a movie with your family members.


It is an entertainment platform so you can download all your favorite movies and save them in the phone storage to watch them later and save your mobile data. Maxtorz features direct search options from various online entertainment platforms such as YTS and Piratebay.  

You only need to search for a movie by using the search bar and download it after viewing information such as release year, genre, IMBD rating, duration, and other details. It is an alternative to the Cinehub app but it features an extensive list of filters to sort the available collection of movies according to your needs.   

Cyrose HD

Cyrose HD contains thousands of latest movies and TV shows all in one place to save your effort of searching for movies and watch more content in a short time. You can sort the list of movies to view trending movies at the top of the list and watch them first.

The platform offers movies of trending genres such as Action, War, Drama, Horror, Romance, Comedy, History, etc. all in one place. You can look for a movie and can request the developer to add it to the list if you can’t find it from the available collection.  

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