13 Apps Like Avakin Life

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Avakin Life allows you to live your dream world where you’re a hero in your story and write your destiny with your hands. Become a star and involve yourself in the virtual world filled with millions of players around the globe.

Dress up the virtual avatar and find your love for romance. Chat with fellows, join or organize your parties and invite your friends to join. Go crazy with lots of exciting features like IMVU. Having more than 2 Million positive reviews on Google Play Store, Avakin Life is ruling over the hearts of people.

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The exquisite gameplay and fabulous social networking elements keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Create your avatar and enjoy the life of stardom; meanwhile, making new friends and finding your love to romance, date, and more. Finding Avakin Life Games like, then you are at the right place. Not only that, the introduction of a live chat system may take your gaming experience to the next level.

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Lockwood Publishing has promised to introduce plenty of new elements regularly, which means there would be something new to discover whenever you come. Besides that, we have compiled a list of the Best Games like Avakin Life, based on social elements, character creation, chatting tools, and lots of fun-filled activities.

Here are the Best Games Like Avakin Life

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As we told you above, the list is based on the following items: Social Elements, Character Creation, and Fun-filled Activities. Furthermore, all games are developed to run on mobile devices, such as Android and iOS. So, we won’t add any game out of the said devices for now.

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For further details, please read the product description to choose the best Alternatives to Avakin Life for Android and iOS. 


  • Virtual World
  • Make New Friends
  • Chat Online
  • Add Friends to Your List
  • Decorations
  • Customization
  • MMO
  • Fantasy

Similar Games to Avakin Life


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13 Alternatives Listed
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Surely, you would love to meet new people surrounding you, though they are controlled by real players. Smeet 3D Social Game Chat takes place in the 3D world where dozens of opportunities await you, along with super adventures. Start your virtual life, select fashionable outfits and make amazing poses to learn different dance moves and more. Create your avatar using the character editor and design your clothes to make yourself unique among others. There are dozens of fun-filled activities available to…

Get ready to start a new life as an actor in Stardom Hollywood video game where you start your journey with nobody and end up as an A-list celebrity. The addition of interactive adventure game aspects may introduce you to total new gameplay where you will discover parasitic, celebrities, and more. The game stands fourth in our list of games like Avakin Life because of not introducing Multiplayer mode. Features Virtual World Make New Friends Chat Online Add Friends to Your List…

Whether you love playing Virtual World Games or just want to hang out with buddies, Woozworld is one of the best choices after Avakin Life and IMVU. Don’t take the game lightly on others because it has been released with thrilling features and stunning gameplay. Available on mobile devices and takes you to a virtual world where the creation of your favorite avatar is your first job and customizing with new outfits is the second. Features Virtual World Make New Friends Chat…

SmallWorlds is another title in the list of Top 10 Virtual World Games for Girls, based on famous genres among players of all ages. By playing the game, players can develop their shelters, decorate them with items, arrange dance parties, and organize multiple events to invite their friends to hang out. Millions of the players already exist in the fantasy world from all around the World, and each has its unique personality and appearance. It features a customized option with…

Have you ever dreamed to enjoy a second life where all of your wishes come true without doing any effort and everything lies ahead of you? Of course, everything is dreaming to enjoy such a beautiful life but for now. You can do all such kinds of stuff online in Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World where the game holds dozens of opportunities, ranging from making new friends to playing different games. The game also features a character creator system that lets you…

Looking for some Virtual World Games with modern features and gameplay, you’re the right place to encounter Top 10 Massively Multiplayer Online World (MMOW) Simulation to enjoy. Get ready for colossal fun with thrilling gameplay where you can create unique avatars, customize them, navigate the World, decorate your homes and can hang out with friends, join parties, invite them to show off your house, and many more. In the game, you can your friends can participate in multiple fun-filled activities…

Second Life is a free MMO and virtual world video game developed by Linden Research, Inc. In this game, the player can live a second life which is an alternate of his actual life. In that second life, the player will be a robot, vehicle, human, animal, and vampire. To get into the world of this virtual game, the player has to create his 3D character. You can create a 3D character by selecting any body type, suitable face, and outfits…


There is another game like MovieStarPlanet lovers. Are you tired of playing Movie Star Planet? Want some change or play another game like it. You should try Oz Online because it involves almost all features of MovieStarPlent, such as Virtual World, MMO, Fantasy, Social, Fashion, etc. Give it a chance and meet new people worldwide, chat with them using the game's messenger, find your love, and become the hottest person in the virtual world. It has worth checking out. Features…

Meez includes all features, goods, environments, and buddies to attract you to its community. Become a part of the biggest city with a 3D avatar and meet new guys, find your love, chat, date, and play different exciting games. If you love Movie Star Planet, then you must give it a chance. Create an online avatar using a vast collection of items and try out new and fashionable stuff to look superb. Join parties and select your profession or become a…

Smeet can be played on the browser and combined with the components of MMO, virtual worlds, and Fantasy. If you're a fan of MovieStarPlanet, then you must try it. After signing up with your Gmail, Yahoo, etc. account, you've created your character using different outfits. Encounter friends, chat with them, play games, and decorate your house to show off your activities. Smeet is the game that fulfills the requirements to become games like MovieStarPlanet. Features Virtual World Make New Friends…

If you love playing virtual world  Simulation, want to meet with new friends, like to make new friends, then Yoville is the best game for you. It focuses on life simulation, and you represent your appearance using your virtual avatars. Visit different parts of the game, decorate your house with items, furniture, and invite friends to visit your home. Play games, get access to lots of goods and involve in friends' company. YoVille is the best game and here is…

The member of IMVU uses 3D avatars to interact with new people, make friends, chat, and play games. If you are an addict to MovieStarPlanet, then you should check out this game to have fun. Use different accessories like glasses, hats, shirts, pants, and additional items to dress up your online avatar and involve yourself in IMVU's community. Don't miss a chance to live a second life, in which you accomplish your desires, meet someone special, exchange gifts, chat with…

If you don't have any activity to have fun, we bring you to a platform where you can make new friends, become a star, and find your girlfriend to romance by exploring Games like Movie Star Planet. Then there is a platform for you where you can fulfill your wishes. Take on different roles such as star, dancer, singer, and more. The famous genres MMO, RPG, Virtual World, and Fantasy are combined in the game. Customize your look, select an…


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