Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an intuitive piece of software and a professional image-editing leader which features the mercury graphics engine and a myriad of tools. The user can make quick picture corrections such as for removing lens distortions, chromatic aberrations, or vignetting. It is possible to get help with the necessary tools to manage colors or drawing and painting. There are the content-aware tools to remove content from a photo and the software includes complex and advanced tools for accomplishing state-of-the-art digital imaging. This program offers you to perform video and image editing at amazing speeds with the productivity comprises the aid of the Mercury Graphics Engine. Interactively color your photos through the rich collection of presets with the black-and-white conversion capabilities. Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor that includes good response time and a modern interface to create a pleasant working environment.


GIMP is a reliable and open-source program which supports a large number of plugins like photo retouching, image authoring, and image composition. There is a customizable interface and a setup process also you can choose the file types with this software. The user can create bitmaps from scratch and retouch digital photos. This application can be used as an online batch processing system, a simple paint program, an image format converter, a mass production image renderer, and more. It is possible to insert text strings, create animations, adjust clone objects, hue-saturation, and contrast, and get help with a powerful zooming tool. GIMP is a comprehensive utility that comes bundled with several tools and performs a wide variety of tasks without crashing or popping errors.


Paint.NET is an efficient and reliable program that is wrapped with an array of options and helps you to create professional-looking photographs. There is an intuitive interface to generate attractive projects also two modes of the installation here. You can make file associations easily and process all the supported formats from within the main window of the utility. It is possible to perform basic functions such as cut, rotate or crop, color picking, and inserting a new layer or clone stamping. This application finds the full keyboard support and lets you complete all action by pressing dedicated hotkeys. The user can apply several actions like layer editing, image sketch, posterize, invert colors, distort, sharpen or blur, and even fractals or emboss. Paint.NET is a simple utility which comprises good response time and a long list of editing tools.


Krita is a bundled painting software solution which is specially designed to create artistic drawings and realistic illustrations. This utility has a user-friendly interface with the modern style adopted by most designer apps or digital editor. The users get HDR painting, CMYK support, painting assistants, perspective grids, and comprehensive set of brushes and dockers. Some effects are here like the smudge, pixelate, hairy, filter, duplicate, chalk, texture, hatching, curve, color smudge, spray, deform, and many others. It is possible to save the presets of brushes such as experiment with several blending modes and the program also comes with a modern selection and masking tools. You can paint and select colors or shapes and add opacity and transparency levels. There are basic mirroring capabilities to modify the center position, determine parameters like axes and angles, and play with other advanced settings. Krita is a powerful digital painting application that makes it accessible solution for digital illustrators and painters.

      4.Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is an extensive application that offers you to retouch and edit projects in an efficient manner and enhance the quality of your photos. This program comes with several core features such as an eraser, brush, a healing tool, a clone tool, a blur tool, text boxes, a pen, paint bucket and magnifying glass, and more. There are multiple filters and some standalone entries like apply image, frequency separation, shadows/highlights, lighting, plugins, and haze removal. You can download some of the sample files available or open existing projects from your PC, create new documents by pressing the dedicated button and test the capabilities of the program on them.


MyPaint is an extensive and straightforward application that is specially used to edit the photos or create drawings with the help of your PC effortlessly and quickly. There is an intuitive interface to add pictures for editing them with the ORA, JPEG or PNG formats. The user can pick the color from a palette, choose between different brush sizes and types, and adjust the levels for value, saturation, and hue. It is possible to alter the speed of the brush, color, and opacity, rotate or flip drawings, zoom in or out, pick an image or background color, and work with multiple layers. This program comes with good image quality and no crash or popping errors.

      6.Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk Pixlr is an efficient and accessible photo editor which helps users to adjust the look of favorite pictures and enhance certain aspects in the images. You can load the photo to process with the main window of Autodesk Pixlr, supporting TIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, PSD, and GIF format files. This extension comprises many categories of editing tools and functions like effect, refine, fast, stylize, border, overlay, type, and stickers. It is possible to auto fix or resizes the photos, straighten or crop them, remove or heal red eyes from the picture. Apply a splash of color or adjust the focal point, change the color, blur or contrast level, and smooth or sharpen its appearance with the Refine selection.

      7.Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is a straightforward extension which allows users to apply multiple effects, adjust photograph parameters automatically, manage pictures, and view EXIF. There is a well-organized interface which is divided into three main modules such as edit, adjust, and manage. You can suggest just the right amount of brightness, saturation or highlights, and shadows with the Smart Photo Fix utility. The tool is wrapped with core features namely, quick adjustments, effects, layers, text and print to name a few. Many other functions are here like the RAW lab, Selective focus, the Makeover tools, and the Smart Carver.

      8.CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a professional graphics design suite that is designed to create compelling logos, outstanding projects, ads, and websites. The user can perform photo editing, the creation of unique and rich content, and web graphics design with the classic menu-shaped interface. Colors and styles are easy to create and use through utilities like Color Harmonies and Style Sets. It is possible to edit the high-resolution digital photos with the help of rich templates, clipart, and fonts. Many different special effects can be added and images can be adjusted. This program offers you to apply numerous effects, manage pictures, and perform pixel editing from Flickr.


Photoscape is a reliable piece of software that can edit photos, take snapshots of the screen, convert raw formats, and create animated GIFs and mosaics. There are a pretty simple installing procedure and well-organized interface. This utility enables users to crop, resize, flip and rotate items, apply many effects, and adjust the sharpness, brightness, and contrast and backlight. It is possible to make use of a color picker, search for look-alikes on the internet, and rename multiple images in one single session. Capture the entire screen and create composites of many pictures. You can also print lined, graph, calendar paper, and music.



Pixelmator is a flexible and comprehensive image editing application which lets you enhance, adjust, and edit your photos, also paint or draw and experiment with different image effects. This tool is packed with an intuitive interface to open an existing picture or create a new image from scratch. The user can take advantage of the advanced image editing engine, use the customizable liquify tools and non-destructive layer styles. You can retouch images like a pro and edit your pictures accurately. It is possible to change the brush settings, use various brush sizes, shapes, hardness, and blending modes. Remove scratches, correct wrinkles, and repair blur and flaw.



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