10 Best Puzzle Games for Android and iOS

Puzzle is a genre of video games that emphasis solving-puzzles. There are different types in puzzle genre like problem solving skills including sequence solving, find objects, word completion, pattern recognition and logic, etc. In puzzle genre, the players have unlimited time or turns to accomplish or resolve multiple puzzles, or there may be simple puzzle with increasing difficulty to complete in real-time like Tetris. Mostly Puzzle video games center on conceptual and logical challenges, while often the games include time pressure or other action elements. Puzzle games involve colors, shapes, or symbols, and the players indirectly or directly manipulate them into the unique pattern. Different types of Puzzle games such as Action Puzzle, Hidden Object Games, Reveal the Picture, Physics Game, Tilt-Matching, Traditional Puzzle, etc. Are you a hardcore fan of Puzzle genre, then you’re on right place where you discover more than Top 10 Puzzle Games for Kids, Girls and Adults? Have look.

Top Best Puzzle Games for Android.

  • Mekorama
  • Back to Bed
  • Wonderputt
  • Echo Chrome
  • Dream Machine: The Game
  • Monument Valley
  • Ghosts of Memories
  • Magic Flute
  • Evo Explores
  • Outside World

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