11 Zipcar Alternatives

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ZipCar comes with helping users discover vans or cars in their surroundings and even across the world for reservation in real-time. It can enable the customer to book the desired car and enjoy the ride along with the place of their priorities. To explore, Zipcar also lets its users select from numerous classic and advanced vehicles, such as sedans, hybrids, vans, and more.

Users can exactly access the upcoming booking of their desired vehicles, as they can filter cars by the availability, time, models, etc. In addition, there is also an availability of customer service that aims to help customers with any of the difficulties they face. The reservation can bring mileage, gas, insurance, parking, and a lot of it.

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  • Travel Guide
  • Save money
  • Insurance options
  • Drive on-demand

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11 Alternatives Listed
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RentWorks has based on the development services that can offer users asset-rental management for multiple places, such as education, public sector, cooperation, and more. The platform provides many rental services and objects for the instant consumption of customers. RentWorks also let anyone obtain the product or services, and after managing their specific work, they can return it to them without any irritable process. It can offer almost all the rental stuff at a very suitable price so that everyone can…

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Uber Rent introduces by the leading ride-sharing company Uber Inc, which lets anyone reserve a rental car via an online app to deliver it right in front of their door. When the consumer's need ended, he let the platform know about it, so it can schedule their meeting with a driver that can pick that car back from them. So, users don't have to wait in the counter lines for booking or returning purposes. Uber Rent also allows clients to…

Lyft rental cars are providing their services with the help of a ride-sharing app so that customers can easily make a reservation for themselves. Using this platform, users don't have to go through any counter-service establishments and the paperwork for renting a car. Lyft Rentals also comes with several facilities for users that depend on their regions' booking, whether they are directly booking with it or using the partnered platform known as the SIXT, which is available in some places.…

McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty DriveShare, provides users with services that help them drive their desired cars. The core focus of this platform is to offer a marketplace that can link the owners with the adductors to maximize the community of persons having the same interests. Hagerty DriveShare is a classic platform that became the rental provider for vintage and advanced cars by linking qualified professionals who can even help customers with the perfect driving on their wedding or other…

GIG Car Share comes with the much exciting ways to get around the areas of the San Francisco Bay region. The platform act as a one-way share service provider so that customers linked with the community can get the flexibility to use the service in multiple locations. Gig Car Share also contains a fleet of electric along with hybrid cars, bike collections, and cargo space to help anyone with their suitability and affordability. It can even be launched projects by…

Hui is a station-based car share service provider that lets users book an automobile for an individual hour or day, instantly and in the future. It can provide its services from numerous active stations across Honolulu, having hundreds of central Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Hui Car Share also comes with the reservation in which several aspects include insurance, maintenance, gas, taxes, roadside assistance, a 24/7 help desk, parking at the station, and much more. In addition, the Hui word is…

eGo CarShare is a non-profit car-sharing platform running in Boulder County and Denver regions. There is the availability of a business membership through which customers are in no need to manage the in-house fleet and didn't refund the employees for the gas, mileage, or parking. eGo CarShare is very suitable and affordable for middle-class customers, as they can help them with the insurance and maintenance services without any cost. Users can get the membership to access cars anytime they want,…

Developed by GetAround Inc., GetAround is a car rental marketplace that can offer users to rent a car without any paperwork, waiting, hassle, irritating procedures, etc. The platform can make it easy for customers to rent a range of vehicles, including insurance for their use. With the help of Getaround, users can unlock classic cars along with the advanced BMW and Toyota cars right from their smart devices with ease. Customers can access much more options, freedom, and even flexibility…

Turo, introduced by Turo Inc, is an online app through which users can drive magnificent cars in hundreds of cities and even provided at airports. The platform can provide peer-to-peer car-sharing so that users can book the car for wherever they want it along with the local hosts around multiple places, such as the UK, Canada, Germany, the United States, and others. It can offer users to select a delivery option, and they have a lot more possibilities of models…


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