11 Apps Like Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)

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Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) app makes it easy for you to read on-screen web pages, long emails, PDFs, articles, Doc, Docx, OpenOffice, EPUB, MUBI, AZW, FB2, eBooks, and more. @Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) is an excellent HTML reader, eBook reader, and document reader with easy controls.

You can open DOC, RTF, DOC, HTML files, PFD, and OpenOffice documents for reading aloud. You can upload files by clicking over the share button or send by email for aloud reading over headset or speakers. Being one of the best apps like Speechify, Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) is bringing quality features for you to enjoy everything flawlessly.

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  • Free eBook reader
  • Read HTML files
  • Document reader
  • eBook reader
  • Programming files reader

Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)

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11 Alternatives Listed
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TTSReader is an easy-to-use app that reads written content loud for people who love listening and don’t want to get their minds engaged in reading. Simple Text Reader - Text to Speech (by TTSReader) App lets intuitively reads text files, web pages, plain text, and more with ease. TTSReader - Listen to Text & Web Pages App accepts shared web page URLs, accept shared text from third-party apps, import text files, and more. Some of its highlighting features include editable…

2: Reasily

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Reasily is an efficient EPUB reader that comes with an endless array of functions that help you get everything you need right under a single platform. Reasily comes with auto cloud backup and sync for bookmarks and notes functionality just to let you have an extra touch of comfort. It supports Google translate, ColorDict, BlueDict, For a Dictionary, Microsoft Translator, GoldenDict, and other apps as well. You can upgrade it to the pro version to get CSS customization, auto cloud…

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Standard voice parameters like speech, pitch, and volume could be adjusted in real-time. Balabolka may immediately study out the publishing replicated to the clipboard, and most importantly, it offers numerous tools, and these can be used to group change files, acquire text from audio tracks, and do a lot more. Apart from English, some of the numerous languages it supports include Finnish, Greek, Romanian, and Spanish. Plenty of formats including AZW, AZW3, DOC, DOCX, WPD, XLS, XLSX, LIT, HTML, EML,…

4: TextAloud

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TextAloud allows you to often study an individual textual item, or acquire a few of them together and build a studying playlist. It may immediately grab replicated textual content from the clipboard. The application possesses an extensive collection of natural-sounding voices. TextAloud includes various possibilities such as instance custom sound tags, installation and missing prompts for parts, hotkeys, cause examining, and then some more. TextAloud is a product of Nextup that produces a simple yet powerful tool to enhance productivity…

5: Verbose


Verbose is providing new and updated features for reading your desired piece of text for free. This professional text-to-speech app enables users in listening to their desired piece of text whenever they want. Reading from digital content is also possible so you don’t have to download anything else. Verbose is one of many better TTS apps available out there. It can read out the text from several file formats, like PDF, DOCX, RTF, TXT, and HTML. It's probably to see…

6: eSpeak


eSpeak features a fairly limited file format support where it could read out text, being limited by just TXT and XML. It includes a handful of selectable voice choices, and you can alter the pitch and volume. As well as that, and includes all the fundamental voice control/reading options, such as instance pause, skip, and reset. Despite being lightweight, eSpeak may also work as a command-line tool, for all you keyboard nerds out there. Multiple voices are supported by it…

If your OS of choice is Mac OS X, and all you need is basic but extremely solid text to speech (TTS) functionality, you do not even need certainly to work with a 3rd party software application, while the OS'native Text to Speech feature has you covered. Enabling Text to Speech in Mac OS X is easy, and takes no higher than a few minutes. Different (optional) options are available properly, and these can be used to select (after downloading)…

Zabaware TTS Reader includes quite an accumulation of voices, and more can be purchased online. Apart from that, it could monitor and read clipboards, as well as emails and web pages. Read text could be saved as WAV files. This makes Zabaware TTS Audience a sort of particular associate, which is quite neat. A unique feature of Zabaware TTS Reader is that it can automatically read standard window dialogs such as pop-up boxes, alerting you when they need attention. It…

9: SwiftTalker


SwiftTalker is a basic text editor that can be used to see out aloud either freshly created text documents or already existing ones. The application can either read selected blocks of text, or the entire document, and includes general options like play/pause, etc. Along with basic tweaking, additionally, some cool and funky sound files may be placed on the voices. This simple text to speech platform enables you to listen to your desired online and offline text and get everything…

Speechify is a text-to-speech screen reader that real text, documents, email, books, files, PDFs, articles, and other online content loud on your phones, desktops, and laptops. Speechify Text to Speech is an intelligent text-to-speech audio narrator and reader that turns your reading material and content into interactive audiobooks. Spend less time in reading long paragraphs and content using Speechify - Audio Text Reader is possible. Choose from 20 different languages and more than 30 different AI-Engineered voices including multiple languages…

NaturalReader - #1 Popular TTS APP supports a diversity of (textual) file types where it could read out textual content and writing on web pages. Thanks to built-in OCR functionality, NaturalReader includes multiple natural sounding voices, and you can buy additional voices in various languages (e.g German, Italian, Japanese). With some other significant characteristics like style pace & frequency control, group conversion of multiple papers to MP3 files NaturalReader - Text to Speech, as a TTS software, ticks all the…


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