7 Apps Like Virtual Families

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Released in 2009, Virtual Families is a Life Simulation video game that puts you in the role of your custom-made character. It has only a Single-player mode that involves you in a series of fun-filled activities. Whether you love to play Virtual World Games or Time Management, the game has got you all as it features dozens of game components, ranging from RPG to Single-player Business Management.

Go out of the house to make your living and fulfill the basic needs of your kids and your love. Explore the game environment from an isometric viewpoint while struggling to win over 1000 trophies.

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  • Virtual World
  • Character Customization
  • Design Your Home
  • Make New Friends
  • Decorate Your Room
  • Fun-filled Activities
  • Trophies
  • RPG Elements
  • Business Management

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Paralives is an Open World, Building, and Single-player Life-Simulation developed by Alex Masse. The game is under construction and will be out soon on Steam to play; however, you are allowed to put Paralives in your wish-list to be notified whenever the game announces to be released. It offers Similar Gameplay to the Sims 4; however, the introduced customization features are extensive and highly detailed, offering you dozens of options to create your character fabulously. Using innovative tools, you are…

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Virtual Families 2 is a Simulation game that takes place in a virtual world, released by Last Day of Work, LLC. It serves as the sequel to the most popular mobile hit game, Virtual Families. In the game, you have a chance to adapt to a family right now or a person from thousands of options. Next to that, help your character to select a wife or a husband. When playing the game, design your home and adopt a cute…

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Habbo Hotel is a browser-based video game, focusing on teens and tweens. It supports multiplayer mode and features a beautiful cast of characters. When start playing the game, the player is capable of creating his/her avatar using dozens of possibilities and embarks on a journey to design the hotel rooms while chatting either with customers or other players. During the gameplay, the player must interact with players; meanwhile taking care of virtual pets. Create dozens of exciting games and play…

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Released in 2004, The Sims 2 is a Life Simulation video game released by Maxis Redwood Shores with the cooperation of Amaze Entertainment. Unlike The Sims, it features a Multiplayer mode that keeps other players from worldwide close to each other. The game enables you to create your character, houses, families, and neighbors. Next to that, start managing their Sims so you can enjoy rewards and form relationships in a manner found in real life. Features¬† Virtual World Character Customization…

If you are looking for Best Virtual World Games, then Family House is for you to play and enjoy your second life where you are the boss of your life and will decide what happen with you next. In the game, you can choose your career, love, and many other things to enjoy a luxurious life. Meanwhile, face off different challenges as well as struggle to fulfill the basic needs of your family. At the start, you should create your…

Back in 2020, Nintendo released the sequel to Animal Crossing with better graphics, detailed mechanics, and superb social gameplay. Unlike The Sims, it features a multiplayer mode for social engagement. It offers perfect gameplay for kids where cool animals are always there to help them out. You can customize your avatar, use thousands of stuff to make them cool, and particularly in fun-filled activities to have fun.¬† Furthermore, it serves as the fifth marvelous installment in the series of Animal…

The Sims focuses on the Life Simulation genre and was first released on 4 February 2000 for PC. It supports only Single-player mode and comes with impressive gameplay where you are responsible and the head of your family. Whether you love to be a doctor or an engineer, the game has featured dozens of professions to choose from, and there are lots of possibilities to earn money virtually to fulfill your basic needs. Next to that, you can interact with…


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