10 Usenet Wire Alternatives

Usenet Wire Alternatives

Usenet Wire app makes it effortless to access Usenet that brings industry-standard and industry-leading service for browsing with the highest level of proficiency. Just open Usenet Wire and start browsing Usenet wires without wasting any further efforts or money. Accessing thousands of newsgroups with ease and power is a sleek thing of this platform.

You can elegantly experience a high level of retention while exploring, downloading, previewing, and managing from more than 100,000 newsgroups with excellent speed and precision. Enjoy starting Usenet wire today to access your desired set of Usenet like never before.

Usenet Wire

  • Easy to setup
  • Searching made simple
  • Easy and automatic downloads
  • 24/7 support
  • Browse Usenet wire

Sites like Usenet Wire


1. NZBFriends

NZBFriends Alternatives

NZBFriends is a magnificent UseNet web crawler with a remarkable calculation that brings quality stuff to you effortlessly. Details about all the recent Usenet posts are available so you can get the binary collection, newgroup, file size, and age of them. NZBFriends provides a list of keywords including Audiobooks, Bollywood, movies, 3D, Hindi, Mac, Models, Xbox, TV shows, sounds, highs and lows, Mpeg, cartoons, music, multimedia, and various others. Features Sleek search bar Fast Usenet NZB newsreader client Find in…

2. NZBIndex

NZBIndex Alternatives

NZBIndex is a sleek, simple, and easy to use Usenet search engine that brings quite a fine interface for you to search for your desired stuff with ease. Users can search their desired Usenet with ease and click over the search icon to get a list of exceptional results instantly. You just need to enter a keyword and get a scanned list of newsgroups within minutes. Its smart, free Usenet search engine provides authentic results that match your queries. NZBIndex…

3. Newshosting

Newshosting alternatives

Newshosting enables you to get billions of texts as well as binary files while bringing more than 110,000 newsgroups along with the highest retention in the industry at more than 4833 days. It is available in three Usenet plans that you can choose according to your needs. Newshosting Usenet Lite costs $10 per month that includes 50 GB Per month, 30 connections, zero-log VPN, and 4833 days binary retention, etc. Over its unlimited (best value pack), users can get unlimited…

4. NZBReader

NZBReader Alternatives

NZBReader is a robust nzb newsreader client that makes it effortless to import your nzb files and get the content instantly downloaded into your systems. NzbReader - Usenet nzb Newsreader app enables you to import your nzb files from authentic resources and download them immediately. It preserves the battery life of your device, runs a modern encrypted connection, and services do not log your download history. Features Fast Usenet NZB newsreader client Internet traffic and time Modern encrypted connection Usenet…

5. BinSearch

BinSearch Alternatives

Binsearch is a sleek binary USENET search engine that enables you to search and browse binary UseNet newsgroups with extreme precision and effortless scenario. Binsearch lets you grasp the entire advantage of almost all the features and functions of this site along with the use of .nzb capable newsreader recommendation. NZB.cc indexes almost every binary newsgroup that almost all the major UseNet provider’s support. This platform searches the most popular 400 groups by default and users can even choose from…

6. BiNZB

BiNZB Alternatives

BiNZB is a sleek search engine for Usenet network that elegantly indexes almost all the popular newsgroups for the newest binary posts. Its effortless Usenet searching capabilities make this platform exceptional. Searching within a collection of 11,680, 796 NZBs from more than 2K newsgroups in its database. Users can filter results by age, poster, group, size, and more with max retention of more than 1550 days. Everyone can also comment on NZB content to help censor fake, password protected, virus…

7. Alt.binz

Alt.binz Alternatives

Alt.binz is a robust binary search engine that helps in managing and downloading articles from Usenet without paying for anything. Alt.binz helps in checking the downloaded files, repairing, unraring, and auto unpausing missing PAR2 blocks with ease. Some of its supported platforms include Windows, Linux, BSD, and self-hosted solutions. Features Powerful binary newsreader Downloading/managing articles from Usenet Check downloaded files Repairing and unraring Simple searching Sites like Alt.binz

8. OZnzb

OZnzb Alternatives

OZnzb is a fine Usenet indexing utility that brings SSL for its global users along with the integration for the couch potato, Sickboard, headphones, and more. Users can download almost 5 NZBs a day, yes! It’s the limitation that it imposes on people who use it. Bringing a fine and sleek interface, the OZnzb app brings almost all the key features and services without letting you take any frustration. For bulk download, it also brings a premium version that contains…

9. Leafnode

Leafnode Alternatives

Leafnode is another great alternative to RedUsenet that implements a forward and store NNTP proxy that supports TCP connections across IP Version 6 and IP Version 4. Getting a regular newsreader offline, merging news articles from several upstream new servers, avoiding duplicated news downloads with multiple users reading news are some exceptional features. It is easy to install (requires no maintenance) that is intended for use in almost small or moderate offices and homes as well. Scalability for large newsgroups…

10. RedUsenet

RedUsenet Alternatives

RedUsenet was a robust but now dead NZB indexer (NZB is a file format used by Usenet) with robust searching and browsing functionalities that make it an exceptional platform. RedUsenet is an easy-to-use user-moderated Usenet board that focuses heavily on movies, so it’s perfect for cinephiles who aren’t necessarily fond of newznab fans. Red Usenet is not for Usenet purists, but it's great for folks who love using USENET in entirely different ways. Plenty of functionalities are available that helps…