11 Sites Like UptimeRobot

UptimeRobot Alternatives 

Do You want to get your online services and networks being monitored to resolve outrages and bugs on time to increase efficiency? UptimeRobot is designed for this purpose as it monitors your websites to make them work smoothly and report outrage before customers know about it. In SSL monitoring, expirations of subscriptions are reported 30, 15, or 7 days before.

Availability of networks, the efficiency of email services, cron jobs, keyword services, and database services can be monitored of 50 monitors without any charges. Advanced users enjoy the facility to share immediate reports of problems and can customize the public domain.

Response charts help to judge the efficiency, maintenance windows save from halt while maintenance, and reports are checked by multiple locations to check the reality and intensity of problems. Customers can be sent notifications via email, SMS, voice call, Slack, Discord, Zapier, and some other channels. Uptime Robot is monitoring more than 6 million monitors of 15+ million companies and users.


  • Website monitoring
  • SSL reporting
  • Port efficiency checking
  • The chart to reveal performance hiccups

UptimeRobot Alternatives

1. Host Tracker

Host Tracker Alternatives

Host Tracker is an exclusive performance monitoring and website availability service that enables you to monitor your websites with ease. You can instantly sign up to monitor your write website and get to know plenty of things regarding it. It provides a general HTTP check of your website, exclusive 24/7 monitoring of websites, and instant notification by Hangouts, Slack, Telegram, SMS, e-mail, or phone calls as well. Checking the availability of websites from more than 140 locations through ICMP, TCP,…

2. Downdetector

Downdetector Alternatives

Downdetector is designed to detect the outrages in systems to resolve them and helpful to network operating companies, customer care companies, and for users too. It reports outrages in different services and network operations before the time so that they can be resolved. Indicators of outrages are sent via emails and RSS to management teams and users. Integrated tools which are impacted and disturbance in terms of geographical division are also reported to check out and sort out problems. It…

3. Pingbreak

Pingbreak Alternatives 

Pingbreak is a simple yet powerful monitoring platform to check and resolve the outrages, bugs, and other problems which can hinder the efficiency of your online services. It works to enhance the satisfaction of customer experience by providing insights about problematic developments and loopholes. It is entrusted by Mozilla, WordPress, Twitter, and others. Uptime monitoring brings focus on the dynamics of users interact with the site and suggests ways to improve it to get a wider audience. Network availability, efficiency,…

4. Freshping

Freshping Alternatives

Freshping is one of the world’s best sites to monitor your sites to achieve higher standards of accuracy, efficiency, and quality. It monitors the site to provide instant notification in case of down, outrage, or any other potential problem. It keeps the history of uptime and provides the facility to send notifications on public status pages to multiple pages just to mitigate the intensity of the problem. In the case of a report of a bug, it authenticates through ten…

5. Up Ninja

Up Ninja Alternatives

UpNinja is designed to monitor online outrages and potential problems which can hinder the performance of a system. With uptime monitoring, it analyzes the relative speed of direction and action with help of scales like uptime rate, response time, and apdex to analyze the potential outrages. Analysis of thread, strings, and codes are pursued separately on commands. Notification alerts are sent by email, Slack, Webhook, Webpush, and many other mediums. If a problem is reported, Up Ninja checks its positives…

6. Netthorb

Netthorb Alternatives 

Netthorb is the name of robust and cost-effective solution to website problems. Working as a third party for promotion and efficient working of a website or as a service provider, it becomes extremely important to know about the downs, server working and network issues for better performance, and Netthorb is very competent for these tasks. Average and specific response time, availability, uptime, and user response statistics indicate the relative performance and future preferences. Multiple location servers are employed to guess…

7. Silent Down

Silent Down Alternatives 

Silent Down is a monitoring app to boost your Internet services by their protection from downs. It keeps a vigilant eye on your domain protection and speed and loopholes of the server. Performance on transactions is also reported to check their relative speed and ask for resolution in case of latency. Silent Down keeps updates of the site after a very short interval of 1 minute and can be hourly and daily as per requirement. Every notification is sent via…

8. Screpy

Screpy is an artificial intelligence-based site designed to meet all the site problems and solutions faced by small businesses or DevOps. Its feature of auto-generated tasks helps the new ones to compete for the best one and produce qualitative sites. Real-time status of sites, instantaneously, is provided by Rank checker which gives a detailed analysis of the rank of keywords and helps to choose specific keywords to gather a wider audience. Personalized step-by-step solutions are provided to harness better results…

9. Curler by Amixr.IO

Curler by Amixr.IO Alternatives

Amixr is designed to stop hassling and has high efficiency and performance for monitoring sites. It has customized features for new DevOps and new ones working in online services. It is a web-based monitoring facility that monitors the availability, interaction, and performance of clouds. Uptime is also monitored to report and analyze the nature, intensity, and satisfaction of users with the app. Server efficacy and its threshold are kept into consideration while performing a task to avoid any breakage. It…

10. StatusCake

StatusCake Alternatives 

StatusCake is designed for monitoring sites to take preventive actions against potential outrages and downs which can hinder efficiency and performance. It uses sophisticated tools which are trusted by systems like Google, NASA, and many others. To judge the geographical potential of bugs, it checks the intensity through multiple countries. Both domain and server outrage are checked. For domains, it keeps their protection and changed records while for servers, it keeps the report of the threshold of usage of RAM,…

11. Pingdom

Pingdom Alternatives

Pingdom is a monitoring platform to check and resolve the outrages, bugs, and other problems which can hinder the efficiency of your online services. It works to enhance the satisfaction of customer experience by providing insights about problematic developments and loopholes. Monitoring is divided into two types i.e Synthetic Monitoring and real Use Monitoring. Former focus on the issues related to the problems of visitors like site availability at different locations, loading speed and transaction, and implementation of orders. R.U.M…