11 Stores Like Uber

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Uber is an American mobility services platform where customers, foodies, and cafes can communicate with individuals who drive and deliver. The primary purpose is to engage contract workers as drivers and provide a safe and reliable form of transportation. Furthermore, it is the company’s objective to continue developing globally and extending its services to new locations by providing the world’s cheapest and easiest travel.

You can manage all of your initiatives from a simple interface, including invoicing, user privileges, project cost monitoring, and more. In towns wherever Uber exists, users can use their rider app to book a ride. Your app will show the driver’s arrival time to your target position when a nearby driver-partner approves your offer. Your app will notify you when the driver-partner is close to coming.

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  • Transportation service
  • Ride-sharing
  • Door-to-door convenience
  • Gig-economy work

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1: BlaBlaCar


BlaBlaCar deals with a solution-based platform through which users can have a community-driven travel app enabling millions of members to share rides in numerous countries annually. This platform lets clients get the technology that matches drivers with passengers, facilitating shared travel costs. It can even permit its customers to access integrations of carpooling and bus journeys from thousands of operators, offering affordable and sustainable travel options in one app. BlaBlaCar also connected millions of meeting points, saved users hundreds of…

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Lyft is a driving service platform that offers accessibility services according to your needs. If you want to use a ride-hailing service, it provides the option of vehicles for hire with motorized scooters. With the help of a bicycle-sharing system, you can earn money at your level of flexible scheduling. Furthermore, you can control your hours and timing that is convenient for you.  Many areas contain the Lyft application to maintain delivery services and rental cars. With the help of…


3: Gett

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Gett is a cloud-based transportation platform that combines existing transportation suppliers such as commercial fleets, ride-hailing, cabs, and limos into a single platform. This service helps companies manage their ground transportation costs by saving time and money. The platform is identical to the telephone and internet grids and develops a global ground transportation grid surrounding the globe and connecting the lines. Travel industry leaders explore the ground transportation business. It is the most popular platform for managing corporate ground transportation…

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Kabbee is a multi-award-winning minicab comparison and booking app based in London. More than 600,000 Londoners use Kabbee to compare quotations from over 60 of the city's leading fleets in real-time. It provides facilities with various options to pick from based on their arrival time, price, car type, and customer reviews. It was founded to make life easier for Londoners by ensuring that consumers save money when getting a cab using applications or the internet. The riders and drivers have…

5: 99


In Brazil, 99 is the most popular Intermediation business application. The objective is to improve transportation to alter people's lives. With only a few clicks, you may request a car or cab and pick how to pay for it, in which you will earn significant savings. When you work for a ridesharing company, you utilize their app to connect with customers, pick them up in your vehicle, drive them to their destination, and electronically collect fares at the end of each ride.…

6: Curb


Originally, Curb had been a Taxi Magic that used the CURB mobile app to request a current regular taxi. It is an on-demand car service that calls a licensed taxi or a professional for hiring automobiles. Other ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft hail a user car. The curb platform serves as reinforcement learning for the entire hire riding experience. Curb Mobility is a platform that connects millions of riders and drivers around the country. Another System, a smartphone application, offers…

Cabify is a Spanish ridesharing firm that hires out cars using its mobile application. Independent contractors drive the automobiles. The firm, which has locations in Portugal, Spain, and Latin America, provides two types of services: business and personal. An individual can make an immediate reservation by visiting the website. After the client has booked a cab, any instructions for the driver can be provided in the 'Message the driver' module in the 'Order a Cabify' section. Compared with uber, the…

Careem is a car service that is part of the Uber business in the United States. It is based in Dubai and services are spread over 100 cities in 15 Middle Eastern, African, and South Asian nations. You can use your Careem account to book a ride for a friend or family member. Choose the 'Visitor' option in the passenger area and fill out all guest information. Complete your information in the user's name hosting the guest area and confirm…

Waze Carpool is a service that links you with other motorists along your route to help you save money and time. You may take Carpool Lane to work and back home after the company has verified your route. The clients are joined by the local and serves many purposes. As the name says, it is used for carpooling and being enabled to access the drivers and riders. It is not a cab-booking service. Instead, it fulfills a single purpose: to engage…

Ola Cabs is a Bangalore-based international ridesharing company that includes banking services, cloud kitchens, and used-car marketplaces. You can book up to two seats on your Ola Share journey. If you purchase two seats, the locations of the co-pickup and drop-off passengers should be the same. New rate will be displayed on the app before confirming the booking. It works with drivers and cab owners to provide various cab services throughout India. It had spread to over 50 cities by…

Grab is a Southeast Asian transportation network startup that uses a smartphone app to provide meal delivery and digital payment services. It began as a taxi-hailing app, but it has now grown to encompass food, grocery, package delivery, and banking services. The app distributes taxis and private rental cars to nearby commuters. The primary services are hotel booking, on-demand video, ticket, meal ordering, grocery shopping, and banking. GrabExpress, GrabMart, and GrabAssistant are on-demand delivery services; on the other hand, Grab…


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