Top Best Free Screen Capture Software

You will need to help keep one of these brilliant best free screen capture software options available for when you want to seize an instant shot of something you’re viewing. Obviously, the original image editing tools like MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop will have the desired effect for you. So what exactly are you going to be missing out on in the event that you skip going right through this set of utilities for the said purpose? There’s only one method to discover and if you determine to pick among our candidates after studying our array, consider your own time well spent.

  1. Jing

Jing enables you to enhance online conversations with basic visual elements. With this specific bit of application seated in your PC, you’ll have the ability to easily freeze a certain region or window with just one simple click. You can even endow your photos with arrows, picture captions, text box and highlights. And once you’re done adding your tweaks to the picture, you can always share them with family members through email and IM in addition to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

  1. Screen Grab Pro

This tool boasts of 1 click grab, current window selection list and timer operation. It also copies a bitmap version of exactly the same straight to the clipboard so you can seamlessly use it together with your preferred picture editor. The application form even offers JPEG, PDF and ICON support. Finally, it’s the capability to support Windows XP, 7, Vista, 2003, 2008 and 2000, among others.

  1. Greenshot

Greenshot is noted to be always a lightweight tool fashioned for Windows. The open source application is embedded with quite a few creative attributes. Watch as full screens, windows and selected regions get transformed into quick grabs. Put your own spin on things by easily highlighting and annotating your pictures.

  1. Screenshot Captor

Because the developer reveals, this next solution inside our list is highly configurable in nature and optimized for snapping several pictures minus any human interferences. Offering multi-monitor support, the service comes detailed with scanner acquisition tools, on-demand or automatic image shots to different image hosting services, smart auto-naming of files and Windows 7 partial transparency effects.

  1. Screen Hunter

You can leave your safari suit in your closet for this one as you will be carrying out a different kind of hunting here. Our fifth contender employs a simple user interface and provides you with select hot keys for grabbing shots of the selected windows in a blink of an eye. This system also proffers webcam and video capture and auto-scroll web pages.

  1. DuckCapture

This is a simple tool that forays into our roundup with 4 snapping modes namely region, window, full screen and scrolling. These features allow you to shoot a certain region or window of your monitor and even catch the information littered across a high scrolling web page. With this specific program, you won’t have to waste precious time cropping your desired sections. The service also provides a thorough set of rich editing tools that lets you draw on multiple areas of the page in addition to throw in a few annotations with blocks and arrows. Once that’s done, you can either keep your final masterpiece to a file, copy to clipboard or print it out directly. This inclusion is available for Windows and Mac OS X PCs.

  1. Shotty

Shotty doesn’t just allow you to snap pictures. It also rolls out packed to the hilt with attractive features that help edit all the PC images. These generally include actions like drawing triangles, unsharpening a spot, cropping the picture and highlighting text bits. And yes, you may also add drawings and words to the virtual shots. Take complete advantageous asset of special hot-keys and upload your creations straight to the internet without facing any hassles. Besides English, Shotty also supports other languages like Polish, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Ukrainian.

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