Top Best Alternatives to Yik Yak – Social Media Platform

Yik Yok, having almost 400 Million users, is now no longer. It allowed people to create and view discussion threads within a specific radius of 8 km. Yakarma was the best function of the software that generated a numerical score to measure the active success of a user. With the photo feature, users can add pictures in their yaks.

Within the app, all the users can contribute to the stream by writing, responding, and voting for yaks. The software required no inappropriate content or illegal content.  If the user bypassed the warning, the app strictly takes action and trash the account or posts.

Why People need alternatives to Yik Yok?

Yik Yak was considered a messaging space that attracted the young users of college. Students open the app multiple times a day to stay entertained about the events. Here are similar apps like Yik Yak for the young and the older community to stay tuned.


Jodel is an online network that gives you information about going on happening in your general community.  It refreshes you with the latest posts and associates with individuals without uncovering your data. You can remain interlinked with news, occasions, interesting encounters, conversations, and jokes anytime, anywhere, with Jodel.

No sign-up or profile is important. Just have fun with one click. You can make new friends and share your interests as well as provide useful local information for awareness. Post messages and photos to everyone, even to that person whom you don’t know.


BUNZ is the community of people where you can remain aware of the side happenings. Just download the app from the official website, create a profile to connect, meet, and trade with people.

More than half a million people are the official users of the app. Bunz is growing his network in more than fifty cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, L.A., Brooklyn, New York, San Francisco, London, dozens more around the world.

Nearby Live

Nearby Live is one of the best alternatives to Yik Yok as it is a location-based social platform that helps the community to make friends and interchange ideas. To determine the location, the service uses GPS of the phone and returns a list of users nearby based on relative location.

Nearby Live makes text messaging, photo messaging, virtual gifts, and profiles private and do not reveal it to the public. Live Stream is a public feed that works similar to Facebook’s News Feed option. Over 5 million users are using the service and the highest percentage of users are in the United States.

Buzz Chat

Founded by Melih Akalan, the service allows you to see the activities going on nearby you.
All people can meet new friends and start chatting with them at the same time. Join Buzz now, and get the trending news.

The service offers anonymous chatting with no names, phone numbers, e-mails, or anything for you.
It’s so simple where the user has to take his nick and start chatting without any other information. With low memory usage, smart and nice design, and easy to use, it is preferable for the community.


Jeti is one of the best social media platforms that interlinks you with people nearby and allows you to share your thoughts. Make friends by simply downloading the app, providing your location, and start posting your feed. Swipe over to check out trending posts.

After creating an account on Jeti, you can follow people, and they can follow back you. News, jokes, memes, and local discussions are on a single platform. Viewing a post is not enough. Drop a comment to keep the conversation going.

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