Top 6 Reasons To Get A VPN in Japan

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The internet has made the world a global village. Today, you can easily communicate with anyone worldwide and find anything you need online. Japan is among the countries that have experienced the greatest leap in digital development. For instance, it produces some of the most-advanced gadgetry the world enjoys today.

Digital development in the Land of the Rising Sun has helped different industries integrate technologies for better efficiency. For instance, industries have better data collection methods, create customer-specific strategies that help meet customers’ demands, and many more.

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Unfortunately, digital transformation has also brought along negative impacts. In Japan, for example, digital transformation has also resulted in increased cyber threats. The best way of avoiding cyber threats is by using a VPN (a virtual private network) in Japan. Besides preventing cyber threats, there are other reasons why you need a VPN in Japan. Continue reading to learn more.

Why You Need To Get A VPN In Japan

The web is an unsafe place to be – whether you’re a native of Japan or a visiting tourist. Indicated below are some of the reasons why you need to have a VPN in Japan while surfing the web on your device:

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1. For Safety When Torrenting

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Torrenting is a form of peer-to-peer file-sharing (P2P) that involves downloading or uploading files on other devices using the BitTorrent network. It can be considered piracy as it shares files such as music, movies, and copyrighted games. Torrenting can be legal or illegal, depending on a specific country’s rules.

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In Japan, torrenting and other forms of P2P are illegal. And when found guilty, you may face a jail term of up to two years or pay a fine of as much as ten million yen. Using a VPN in Japan can hide your address and encrypt your traffic, making your torrenting activities undetectable. As a result, you’ll avoid facing the said consequences.

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2. To Stream International Content

At times, you may be interested in shows, movies, and music from other countries. Also, you may be visiting Japan but still want to catch up with content from home.

Unfortunately, due to streaming service geo-restrictions, you may not be in a position to access certain content. In other words, some forms of web content are accessible to limited countries, and Japan may not be among them.

Using a VPN would help in such a situation. VPN in Japan allows you to mask your IP address in Japan with that of the country whose content you want to consume. For instance, if you’re going to watch a show found only exclusive to British viewers, you can select a London-based VPN server and use it when streaming.

3. To Improve Your Data Security

The increased internet use has come along with advanced cyber security threats. Cybercriminals and hackers breach your data, and as a result, the following may happen:

  • Leakage of confidential information;
  • Destruction of databases;
  • Loss of intellectual property; and the like.

The aforementioned can harm you. Therefore, you need to use VPN in Japan to increase security through data encryption.

Data encryption involves converting your data from a readable form to incomprehensive text. Only users with the correct encryption key can access your data.

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4. To Avoid Restrictions On Online Freedom

States and governments have different rules about online freedom and rights. Japan is one country that offers complete freedom to its citizens regarding how they can use online platforms. Yet, signs have recently indicated that Japan may lean more towards conservatism than liberty.

For instance, in 2020, during the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese government introduced the NOTICE program, which sanctioned a hacking attempt on over 200 million Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This program has brought worry among citizens, fearing that the country may impose future internet freedom restrictions.

You don’t have to wait for this to happen to take the necessary actions. Instead, you can use VPN in Japan for data encryption to prevent the Japanese government from accessing your internet traffic.

5. To Use Public Wi-Fi Safely

While waiting in a queue or sitting in the library, you may be tempted to use free Wi-Fi to keep busy. But you may not know that public Wi-Fi gives other users access to your data. As a result, you risk being a victim of cybercrime. This can be worse if you access your bank account using this network, as hackers can quickly drain your accounts. Therefore, you should use a VPN in Japan while accessing public Wi-Fi to be safe.

As previously mentioned, you can mask your IP address using a VPN. When you use public Wi-Fi in Japan’s public facilities, other users will see the address given by VPN and not your true address. Additionally, due to encryption, your data will be safe from cyber criminals and hackers.

6. To Avoid ISP Throttling

Streaming your favorite content or playing online games may make you happy. Yet do you know what tops this feeling? Having uninterrupted high data speed for browsing. Unfortunately, when you engage in high-data activities, internet service providers (ISP) may slow down your speed for several reasons.

For instance, an ISP could suspect you may be committing illegal activities such as torrenting. To avoid such interruptions, you can use VPN to hide your activities from your ISP. As a result, ISP won’t suspect your activity, so you can enjoy high data speed throughout.

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Summing It Up

Japan is one of the countries with leading digital transformation. This transformation has helped industries in various ways. Unfortunately, it has also resulted in increased cyber threats. One way of avoiding being a victim of cybercrime is using a VPN. Additionally, there are other reasons you need a VPN in Japan, as discussed above. Therefore, you can use this post to understand these reasons and be on the safer side.