The Little-Known Secret Behind The Popularity Of Stablecoins

Are you new to the crypto field? If yes, you might need to be aware of the different types of Cryptocurrencies available in the trade market today at Immediate Edge. Simply put, the Crypto market is not small in that you can acquire sufficient knowledge to work on your investment strategies in one or a few days. Thus, if you are one of those who want to gain some significant info in a limited period only, then the best option you have is to focus on Stablecoins.

What are Stablecoins?

When it comes to the investment process of Cryptocurrencies, the one thing which every investor fears is none but market volatility. Popular crypto coins like Bitcoins and Ethereum might have a huge fan base, yet they need to fill hearts with relaxation or treat their fears away.

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On the other hand, stablecoins can treat fear factors away at ease due to the protection against market price fluctuations that they provide. In simple words, as the name suggests, Stablecoins are the only Cryptocurrencies that are also tokens, which are famous for having their market values fixed as they are pegged to the fiat currencies like Dollars, Yen, and Euro. Thus, the more the fiat currency value rises, the better it is for stablecoin users.

However, most Bitcoin fans complain that there is no fundamental reason behind spending your assets on crypto coins like Stablecoins and Tether because it does not make any difference from spending the same on fiat assets.

If you are having similar dilemmas within you now, then the following article can help you get over your confusion right away.

Why are Stablecoins popular?

 Most crypto users and investors stay curious on one point, why do people go gaga over famous Stablecoins like Tether when they can earn better profits from other Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins? Well, if you have similar questions in your head, consider reading the following points now:

  • Protection from volatility:

Some of the users suffer from FOMO to some great extent. In simple words, they fear missing out on the process of trading or investing. Most crypto users have a hidden fear of losing their hard-earned assets every time they invest considerable sums in the crypto realm over coins like Bitcoins and Ethereum. At the same time, some of the investment players have developed such bitter experiences of losing out in the process that they have finally decided to move on from those virtual coins and stick to the stablecoins. Stablecoins can raise their value with the increasing prices of the fiat currencies and have fewer chances of facing losses anytime soon.

  • Cycle changes:

During the bear cycle, when most of the Bitcoin investors and traders tend to leave the market in fear of enormous losses, the Stablecoin users tend to stick on because they do not have to fear bearing failures like Stablecoins stick to their usual prices and rarely dropdown. Sticking to the coin can help you understand the cycle better by going through detailed observations of the crypto market.

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On the other hand, during the bull run, if you hold onto your Stablecoins, they can increase your chances of gaining huge profits by buying and selling processes at ease.

  • No investment game:

As you all know, Tether is one of the most popular Stablecoins in the trade market, and they can be used to purchase various things. They can be used for making payments in different fields in the trade market digital segment. Yet, people choose to hold on to the assets because they get to wait for the right time to jump in out of nowhere and become the show stopper among all by holding on to the help when it is time and letting them go when the market price rises.


These are the main reasons behind the market’s popularity and high demand for Stablecoins. If you want to become a potential investor, then you can start giving it a shot by making some purchases at lower fees from Stablecoins. Then after gaining practical experience, they are all set for trading.