10 Games Like Tap Titans

    Tap Titans is the best mobile video game offered by Game Hive Corporation for Cookie Clicker Lovers. Role-playing is the main genre in the game and it offers a superb story that the player will like. The beautiful world has been threatened by Titans and monsters. It needs a superhero who restores peace to the land and that is the player.

    Progress through the game by showing off his abilities and slaughter numerous monsters by tapping on the screen and earn money can be used to unlock further characters, upgrades, and items. Thousands of Levels, Sixty Unique Monsters, Ten Adventure Filled Realms, etc. are the features of the game.


    • Idle Clicker
    • One-tap Controls
    • Business Sim
    • Single-player
    • Unique Monsters
    • Beautiful Realms
    • Thousands of Levels
    • Ten Adventures

    Similar Games to Tap Titans

    • 1.  Idle Town

      Idle Town is another Idle Clicker video game for mobile devices (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone). The single-player supported game lets the player tap the giant coins to generate small coins by tapping on the touch screen as fast as possible and earn money. Invest his money in any interested business to generate more revenue and become the business tycoon by progressing and expanding the business. Build a massive empire in the center of the town with different buildings and…

      2. Adventure Capitalist

      Adventure Capitalist is an Idle Clicker game by Hyper Hippo Production and can be played on multiplayer platforms including mobile platforms. Through the game, the player can live like a capitalist, and invest his money into specific products to make revenue, by starting out with a simple lemonade shop. The higher revenue generated, the higher cash the player earned. At the start, the player will get an angel bonus, which offers a boost in all products and generate enough revenue…


      3. Tap Tap Infinity

      Tap Tap Infinity is a F2P, Idle Clicker, and Role-playing video game for Steam, Windows, and Mobile Devices. With a superb story, the game offers similar gameplay to Cookie Clicker. If we talk about the story, the fantastic world is invaded by monsters and it a hero is required to defeat them all and restore peace. The player act as a hero and his aim are to tap the screen to defeat the monsters and defend his village. The game…

      4. Bitcoin Billionaire

      Bitcoin Billionaire is about raking in the game and building up a huge fortune. It is an Idle Clicker video game that supports Single-player mode, in which the player starts off almost nothing, a broken old desk, a run-down office, an old generation computer, and more. By tapping the touch screen, the player can earn bitcoins to increase his wealth. Spend the coins to upgrade the office, hire staff, purchase new furniture, computer, and rank up the office to generate…


      5. Time Clickers

      Time Clickers has an opportunity for the player to become a sharpshooter and take down numerous enemies to defend his city. Idle Clicker is the primary genre of the game and lets the player gather gold, upgrade his pistol, and hire a worker of sharper shooters to assists with slaughtering the enemies. It is absolutely free and has no hidden fees or microtransactions. To gather gold, the player needs to destroy cubes using a pistol and the time cubes occur…

      6. Virtual Beggar

      Virtual Beggar puts the player in the role of the beggar and his aim is to collect enough money to get out of poverty. Tap the touch screen to throw coins and gather all valuables thrown by passers or pedestrians. Find a company and invest the money to generate revenue and expand the business by creating new rooms and hire workers from fourteen professions. Train the worker for more assignments, and invest the money in the way, that suits the…

      7. Clicker Wars

      Clicker Wars is an Idle Clicker and Role-playing video game for mobile devices (iOS and Android). The player will trap in the strange world of cool monsters, exciting heroes, and billions of quintillions of gold. Select the character and train it by tapping on the screen and earn points. Enhance the skills of the characters and slaughter a variety of restless monsters to become the leader. Investigate the new world and unlock further characters to rank up through the game.…

      8. Cow Clicker

      Cow Clicker is a Single-player Idle Clicker video game with Multiplayer Interaction. The aim of the player is to earn points known as a click by tapping on a cow every 6 hours. He will earn an extra click if the player includes the cows of his friends in the pasture whenever the cow is clicked. The game features a premium currency called Mooney, which allows the player to buy different cows and skip the six-hour time between clicks. Become…

      9. Clicker Heroes

      Clicker Heroes is a Play Saurus's Idle Clicker game with Single-player mode for mobile devices released in 2015. It is a free-to-play video game with a microtransaction system to purchase premium items like rubies, the game’s currency. The mechanism to play the game is simple, in which the player needs to tap the screen to damage the enemy and eventually slaughter it. The enemy will drop a gold coin, once slaughtered. With the use of gold coins, the player can…

      10. Cookie Clicker

      Cookie Clicker is a JavaScript-based Idle Clicker game with a Single-player option produced by Julien Thiennot in August 2013. The aim of the user to bake tasty cookies as much as possible in the endless gameplay mode. To begin the game, the user bakes sweet cookies by clicking on a giant cookie and gain a cookie for each click. The player uses cookies as currency to buy items such as farm and grandmas that can make cookies without user input…

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