9 Games Like Snake.io

games like Snake.io

If you are looking for your Slither.io Games like, then Snake.io would be perfect for you. It brings high-quality graphics and engaging sound effects to your device and offers you a thrilling gameplay experience wherein your goal is to slither through a version of a cute snake. The ultimate objective is to survive as long as you can, like Slither.io. So, challenge your friends and struggle to be the giant worm to impress them.

It is acknowledged as one of the best Arcade games on App stores that leave you among other players for making your place on the global leaderboard. You aren’t alone, as hundreds of players are already looking for small worms to consume; meanwhile, grow their size as much as possible. To increase your size, eat small worms at each level. It features several multiplayer games, including Online Leaderboard, Double Player Mode, Watch Snake Game Videos, and Challenge Your Friends.

Indeed, you might have played old classic snake games online classic phones. Kooapps Games wants to revive your memories by introducing the same concept with improved graphics, mechanics, gameplay, and multiplayer functionality. You were only limited to one screen area at that time, but nowadays, you can explore the massive map in Snake.io. The prominent features are the following:


  • Snake Classic Games
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Challenge Your Friends
  • Mobile Joystick Controls
  • Watch Online Games on YouTube
  • Live Ops Events
  • Boss Snake
  • Fun New Events
  • Customization

 Snake.io Alternatives


1. Slither.io

Are you a fan of the Slither.io video game? And wants to play more games like this, then there is a collection of games you love. Android and iOS platforms support the game, and you can play Slither.io on the browser. Simply providing your nickname, you can get access to the world where you encounter lots of big and small snakes controlled by other players from different countries. Avoid hitting other snakes and survive as long as possible to perform your best. The game…

2. Worm.is

Oh! There is another game with a little twist. If you are searching for games like Agar.io, then I recommend this one because it offers similar gameplay to it but the character that you controlling using the mouse is different. In this game, you guide a snake and try to accomplish your task. Start from a small and grow enough to survive. Firstly avoid other snakes, eat pellets, and enhance your size. Once you become enough big start consuming other…

3. Dots Eater Battle Online

Dots Eater Battle Online is an |Android video game and mixes different compounds like MMO and Puzzle for Agar.io lovers who want to try some other games like it. Your job is so simple, start off with a small smiley face, eat dots, and grow bigger and bigger to make massive scores and show off your friends. You are not alone in the game there are already thousands of people having similar tasks. Avoid big cells in beginning, once you…

4. Mitos.is

Mitos. support multiple platforms like Android, Steam, Windows, Mac, and iOS. It displays a massive playfield and inserted thousands of players all over the country to play. You take control of a small cell and grow higher eating orbs and become a giant cell to become unbeatable. At the start, avoid hitting another cell, because you turn into colored orbs as you come close to anyone causing lose your progress and have to be from the starting point. There are…

5. Agarp.CO

It is the second game in the list of games like Agar.io. Agarp. co-features similar graphics, gameplay, and mechanics like its idle game Agar.io. There are lots of fans of Agar.io and we know you’re one of them. The gameplay is quite simple but addictive. Once the player starts playing, he is deeply engaged in the game. Here are some games which offer exactly similar feelings to Agar.io. You aren’t alone in the game there are lots of players around…

6. Supersnake.io

Supersnake.io alternatives

Supersnake.io is the sister game of Agar.io because it offers exactly similar games to Agar.io. It is a little different in both games such as you take control of a cell in Agar.io and have to grow bigger in the simple background while in Supersnake.io you take control of a small snake having a similar task like Agar.io to eat orbs and grow bigger and higher to progress. The awesome features are also included in the game that is a…

7. Dogar

There is another game offering quite similar gameplay to Agar.io. If you love playing agar.io then you absolutely love Dogar. In this game, you can control your smiley avatar like Agar using a mouse with the same task that you perform in agar.io. Take start from smaller and grow bigger by pasting of time and consuming orbs. Take time, when you stuck in some difficulty and avoid big cells going far in the game. You can play the game on…

8. Limax.io

Limax.io is a puzzle game for Agar.io lovers. The game takes you in an open environment and left you with lots of big snakes. Your aim is to start off from small snakes and grow higher and bigger eating pellets. Avoid other players having a similar task like you and avoid hitting them to save your life and survive longer. If you touch any part of another snake you turn into sparkly orbs and become food for another snake. Collect…

9. Agar.io

If you are addicted to Agar.io and are searching for some games which offer similar gameplay to it, then there are some games that you like. Agar.io is a puzzle game played on different platforms like Android, Online, and. iOS. The gameplay is simple and focuses on a simple cell that you can control using mouse or arrow keys. Start from a small cell and grow higher by consuming pellets. Avoid other massive cells and eat colored pellets occurs when…