5 Sites like PvPRO – Best Alternatives for CSGO Players

    PvPRO, a site for those who want premium CSGO skins, want to play online tournaments and competitive matches. It is one of the most popular web applications where you can participate in the world’s best game tournaments, win exciting prices and meet with the world’s top players.

    It is a fully automated site, and creating an account is free. You can sign up by linking your steam account. You must have CSGO purchased and installed on your computer to play. PvPro provides a lot of exciting rewards on each win. Its daily ladders and matches split by skill level offer the opportunity to the armature players to reward his skills and earn PvPRO coins that they can use to purchase new skins. Recently, the site receives very bad reviews about its service. Most people claim the site is scams.

     A quick review about PvPRO.com by ZilexEeqz

    “They had a good amount of people at the start, but cheaters were everywhere. It was too late after they got an anti-cheat, they average very few players daily. During the first few months, my team and I played in one of their tournaments and. One of our games we played against cheaters and the admin banned them and forced them to forfeit, moving my team to the finals. So in all, the website looks like it would have a bright future, but fell behind with the lack of content and with faceit and esea being at the front of the show made it very difficult for pvpro to make its breakthrough.”

    In this article, we discuss five sites like PvPRO that are 100% genuine

    PvPro Similar Sites 

    1. Hellcase.com

    Hellcase.com is one of the most popular sites for CSGO lovers who want to buy premium skins. It has thousands of gamers around the world and has a positive rating on the internet.

    Like PvPRO.com, the site also provides lots of exciting rewards daily and allows you to win tournaments to win a bumper prize. The interface of the site is quite simple and easy to understand. It also allows you to sign in by linking your steam account. 


    2. CSGO.net

    CSGO.net is known as the best PvPRO alternatives where you can participate in tournaments, competitive matches, and get a lot of premium CSGO skins. On this platform, you can buy all kind of skins, and all its skins are consists of several categories. Each category has its skins that you can freely explore and buy.

    There is also a free reward system daily and provides premium skins and cases as a reward. You need to sign up via steam account, and after successful login, you can enjoy its service. 

    3. Skin.club

    Skin.club is quite similar to PvPRO where you can buy and sell CSGO skins. The site has a very positive rating and used by thousands of players around the world to buy and sell skins.

    It claims it has the world’s largest collection of skins that consists of several categories. Each category has its own skins that you can freely explore and buy without any like. Like PvPRO it also allows you to sign in by linking Steam account and refill your balance with real money and CSGO skins.


    4. CSGOlive.com

    Get the latest CSGO daily. CSGOlive is a simple and easy to understand online store where you can buy trendy and new game skins at a very low price. The site allows you to buy all kinds of skins anytime anywhere without any limit.

    It comes as the alternatives to PvPRO.com and offers all the similar services with some new tools and features. There is also has an option that allows you to participate in tournaments and competitive matches to win a lot of premium gifts.

    5. Forcedrop.gg

    Forcedrop.gg is a comprehensive site for gamers that allow you to buy and sell CSGO skins, play tournament matches, trade, competitive matches, and much more.

    It is similar sites like PvPRO and CSGO.net and offer all the core services with some new options to make it one of the best solution. The best fact about this platform is that it has a Bonus Wheel where you have a chance to win premium skins, currency and much more without any cost.