Senior Fitness Certification Course

It is vital to help the growing older adult population achieve their goals by enhancing their strength and vitality while preventing inactivity-related diseases and cognitive declines. You will learn how to use health and fitness services to maintain the vibrancy of senior clients through the new and improved Senior Fitness Specialist Program. This program comprehensively addresses body and brain health, incorporating rapport-building, behavior change, exercise programs, nutrition, and cognitive function.

There is a high probability that older adults will suffer from chronic illnesses, injuries, or cognitive decline as they age, so having this type of specialized expertise will help to increase your client base and value. It will help you understand the unique needs of seniors so that you can support and coach them as they achieve their fitness and health goals by studying the Senior Fitness Specialist Program.

Do you know what the Curriculum Entails?

You can consider the curriculum as a specified and updated course that provides you with in-depth knowledge and techniques to understand your client’s needs and requirements better. It is precisely a combination of various strategies, communication tactics, and assessments to assist you regarding the role of fitness and exercise in old adults.

In this particular program, you can enjoy the opportunity to learn the health and fitness can dramatically change the living style of your old adults and how you can make this particular change in their life through this training course.

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The curriculum consists of the following major components:

Coaching for Senior Fitness

Get a better understanding of the exercises that help your clients regain the functional independence of their bodies. Moreover, you will also learn the methods to alter specific courses according to the requirements and body conditions of your client’s body.

Brain Health Trainer

You will also learn about various physical activities, including exercises that can alter your old adult client’s brain’s neurophysiology and cognitive performance.

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Here’s what you will get to Know from this Course

Our course consists of all the recants updates and up-to-date course material to ensure you contain all the modern training. During this training course, you will get a better understanding of exercises and physical activities that will assist your client in living a healthy life and moving freely without experiencing any pain:

  • Know how to incorporate exercise into chronic conditions associated with aging.
  • Assess the health and fitness of older adults using the appropriate assessment techniques.
  • Understand the challenges older adults face regarding their health and fitness.
  • Describe the role exercise plays in the continuum of care for adults.
  • To use motivational and teaching techniques appropriate to older adults.
  • A better understanding of an older adult client’s specific condition is necessary to determine their proper exercise (cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, neurological, orthopedic, or sensory).
  • Examine the situation(s) during which a doctor’s assistance is necessary for exercise design or injury treatment.
  • Develop fitness programs for older adults focusing on strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Explain how to design exercise programs suited to older adults based on marketing and business principles.

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