Rush Royale Best Co-op Decks

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Rush Royale has become a famous game among players of all ages because of its competitive and multiplayer gameplay. It comes up with a large number of decks, and choosing decks is a difficult task for those who are new to the game.

This guide features some of the most powerful decks in each category, along with a usage guide.

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Best Co-op Decks

Below are the best co-op rush royale decks you can go with. and these decks are divided into early-game, mid-game, and late-game, along with a guide about how to use them.

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Early Game

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In the early stages of the game, your goal should be to better the economy while staying alive till the end. For this purpose, you should start filling your deck board with as many cauldrons as you can, as they are known as the economy Gods in Rush Royale.

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You don’t have to waste your resources on merging cauldrons, as tier 1 cauldrons can get the job done. For crowd control, your best option is a bombardier, but you shouldn’t add any more than two bombardiers to the board.

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Bombardier is one of the best cards in the entire game, as it can deal an insane amount of passable damage to enemies. If you have any free chemists in the arsenal, merge them for later stages of the game, and don’t waste them at this stage.

In the case of zealots, you should merge them when your partner is handling waves pretty well. This way, you will build your economy while the Bombardier deals with multiple waves by splitting them in half. Try to merge the Cauldron after wave nine for rush royale ascension, as low-level cauldrons can make things difficult.

Level the Bombardier to support your teammate and deal with the wave to get more mana in the best way possible in case you upgrade the Cauldron to max level before wave 10. You don’t have to fill the board with a cauldron to level it; instead, you should put other heroes as well.

Don’t upgrade the Cauldron to the maximum level unless you have at least six cauldrons on the board. With tamer on board, you should upgrade these heroes to the maximum level in this order: Cauldron (if not previously maxed), Bombardier, Chemist, and Zealot.

The biggest reason behind upgrading Zealot after Chemist is that Zealot can deal insane damage at a max level, resulting in killing waves of enemies too early. This way, you will be able to deal damage with other heroes and get better rewards from each wave. A chemist allows you to significantly assist your teammate while still allowing you to clear your wave. You should be at max level in all units by the time you reach Medusa.

Mid Game

The journey to Bedlam is quite easy except from wave 25, but you get out of it pretty easily by combining Zealots and Cauldrons to deal additional damage to enemies. Until you reach wave 29, you don’t have to do anything else, as the biggest hurdle was wave level 25.

After the level 25 wave, focus on upgrading all the cauldrons to tier three while filling the remaining spaces on the board with tier two and tier three zealots. Don’t take the risk of merging tier two zealots, as it will be a waste of your resources, and they can deal enough damage in their current tier.

Add only one tier-two chemist and tier-two bombardier to the board, but you can go with a higher-tier version of both heroes. You will be able to get rid of Bedlam with this strategy before he can do anything to units on your board. If this strategy doesn’t work for you and Bedlam is still alive, add as many high-tier zealots to the board as you can because they can quickly kill anyone with their high damage-dealing abilities.

Late Game

If you have successfully defeated Bedlam one way or another and made it to this point without any damage to the units on your board, you don’t have to change anything ahead. You should spend the next five waves on replacing all the damaged units with new units on your board to prepare for what is coming up ahead.

With the perfect board from the previous waves, clear some space on the board for cauldrons by merging tier 2 zealots. You also have the option to avoid replacing zealots with cauldrons, but you should only go with it if you are sure of what is coming up. At this stage, you should only worry about the warlock and prepare some tier 3 zealots to deal with him.

Try to prepare your board before you reach warlock, as it will be a brutal fight no matter which heroes you have on the board. If everything goes according to the plan, you will defeat the warlock, but you should also prepare for the worst-case scenario. After defeating Warlock, you don’t have to do anything at all unless you have a strong teammate or your arsenal is full of crowd control and damage support units.

Avoid using too many zealots on the board to deal more damage, as things can go wrong quickly, and you won’t be able to correct them on time. From this point onwards, you don’t have to do anything else until you face a tribunal. After successfully defeating the tribunal, you can make some changes on the board, but the next wave will come quickly, so you shouldn’t try unless you can do it quickly.

Cauldron – Best Economy Unit

For many players, the economy is their top priority, and Cauldron is a god-tier unit when it comes to the economy in Rush Royale. Those who have already tried in real battle don’t want to exchange it with any other economy card on the board. Cauldron has the ability to boost up your mana reserves to more than twenty thousand in co-op game mode. You need mana to deal more damage with zealot units.

Bombardier – Best Crow Control Unit

Bombardier will assist you at all times during the game, making it the most sought-after Coop unit. It can deliver decent damage in the early stages of the fight, even though it is a crowd control unit. This way, you can have a good start until you unlock some of those high-damage-dealing units to add them to the board. Total boss and wave control are the best abilities of Bombardier, and they are more important than damage.

It can stun enemies and bosses, giving other units and your teammates a chance to deal the most damage to them, and they can’t dodge it. The stun lasts longer, and you can reapply it as many times as you want, but its duration will reduce after each application. Bombardier will target the first unit in a wave and move on to the next unit in the wave once the previous unit is stunning.

With Bombardier, you will have the opportunity to defeat Bedlam before he can kill any units on your board. One Bombardier is enough in a team, and the other players should use the free spot for some other hero to complete their board. In some cases, it can even stun all the enemies in a wave before they can do anything.

Zealot – Best Damage Dealing Unit

Zealot is a good damage-dealing unit, but you need a lot of mana, as its damage-dealing abilities are directly related to it. You should work on boosting the mana production as well as the attack speed because the zealot benefits from both of them. With enough of these stats, you can effortlessly create a high-tier zealot in no time.

It can deal fifteen to twenty thousand damage points to enemies depending on the current critical damage percentage, as well as deal thirty thousand damage points with chemist units. Add as many high-tier zealots to the board as you can to create monster waves and boss waves.

Chemist – Best Damage Support Unit

The primary task of these units is to help other units on the board deal damage to enemies, and the chemist is the best option in the damage support category. A max-tier chemist can boost up the damage of other units by more than forty percent. You should only add one chemist to the board, as there is no need to waste spots.

In a co-op team, one chemist is enough because it will debuff all the units the same as two chemists. But you can go with two chemists if you want to defeat waves and bosses quickly to finish a fight in a short time.

Harlequin – Best Board Management Unit

Harlequin is a legendary tier and the best rush royale co-op deck with powerful abilities to get the job done for you, but getting your hands on it is not a piece of cake. It is the best choice to lock your board and successfully defeat waves and waves of enemies in the end game.


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