11 RetailGraph Alternatives

RetailGraph is a cloud-based and desktop application developed by ISO Certified company SoftWorld India Pvt. Ltd. in 1994. An advanced accounting system specifically designed for distributors and retail store businesses provides a complete package of POS along with unique features that automate all financial and operational processes.

It ensures your business growth by using different automation techniques which cover the plan with the help of detailed reports, minimize operating costs, track your business position for strategic decision making, and satisfy customers’ requirements efficiently.

It enables you to look at the financial position of your business through sales/purchase, inventory management, GST/VAT, and different types of reports (VAT report, MIS report). It is used by companies including Pharmacy, Grocery, supermarkets, Garment, Jewelry, FMCG, and warehouses.

Provides the feature to integrate between sales and accounting like integrating with PharmaRack, OrderGenie, Smart Pharmacy, I order, PAYTM, and many more. It supports web-based, desktop, and mobile apps.


  • Centralized approach
  • Printing facility
  • Backup and recovery
  • User-friendly interface
  • B2B and B2C Solutions
  • Barcode Scanner Integration

Apps Like RetailGraph


1. Global Nest Atlas

Global Nest Atlas links with Pokemon Go, so it can help users access such areas where they can easily capture the specific species of Pokemon that aren't present at local locations instantly. Each nest works differently, as some of them can spawn the individual Pokemon, and some can even breed several Pokemon at apparently different patterns at intervals. Most of the community members linked with the Nests work collectively under their research group to gather tool services for tracking a…

2. TypeDex

TypeDex can visualize almost all of the categories related to the Pokemon. It can enable its users to get their strengths and weaknesses based on attackers and defenders. The Pokemon game adductors must have to prepare themselves before commencing a journey. Users should know about all types of Pokemon to choose the right one while battling with others. TypeDex is also easily deployed in the systems, and users don't have to go through complex configurations to install it. They can…

3. ProfitBooks

The purpose of using accounting software is not merely managing your financial processes but also to be the best in competitive markets and about generating more revenue from it. ProfitBooks is here to help you track high and more profitable products, customers, manage expenses, the flow of inventory, and taxes. It enables you to make decisions based on data derived from different financial statements e.g., balance sheets. It is online accounting software designed for business owners to provide features like…

4. ZipBooks

ZipBooks comes up with broad quad-core functions every business must need to drive in, contend with markets and grow further. ZipBooks was founded on June 15, 2015 by Jaren Nichols and Tim Chaves for small businesses and accountants. ZipBooks is a cloud-based bookkeeping accounting software that helps business owners to tackle accounting challenges with comfort and in no time. It covers a complete accounting system including invoicing, time tracking, bank integration, billing, real-time report insights. Its smart and cutting-edge technology…

5. Accurants

Accurants founded by Sandeep Rout in 2010 in Texas, then is in a continual process of being developing more and more to comply with technological trends and customer requirements. Now, you can find everything for your business in the complete accounting suite ‘Accurants’. It’s a cloud-based software that provides support for small to medium-sized organizations. Mostly used by service provider companies like consulting companies, law offices, financial planners, independent contractors, doctor’s offices, freelancers, etc. It enables you to increase productivity…

6. HostBooks

HostBooks is a huge cloud-based platform for every business that provides multiple products for managing the business under one roof which includes Accounting, HB-GST, HB-TDS, e-way bill, POS, etc. invented by Kapil Rand in 2009. Hostbooks accounting software supports zero-to-advance level financial processes. It helps business owners and financial officers to grow business with their structured approach. It allows cash-based invoices, automated payments, stock management (LIFO, FIFO, etc.), tax management, and secure encryption procedures. It provides a simple and user-friendly…

7. ZarMoney

ZarMoney is a cloud-based accounting software suite developed by Jason Foroohar in 2006 for small to large scale businesses. It is Business Accounting Software provides the facility of fast delivery of invoices and smart payment system directly from the invoice in just seconds and pays bills and other vendors through online payments. It performs automated operations on every module and keeps you informed about all the information of inventory management like overstocks and out-of-stocks alerts, looking at expenditures, reducing overspending,…

8. Zoho Books

Zoho Books alternatives

Zoho Books is a cloud-based Financial Management software for SME’s invented by Zoho Corporation, Sridhar Vembu in 2011. It manages your assets, incomes, and expenses. It streamlines your tasks from expenses to revenues, invoices to receiving payments, monitoring stocks and dealing with vendors, adding bank accounts and managing billing through online payments, and many more. Keep an eye on projects through time tracking. It generates multiple reports and helps top-level management in the growth of the business. Bring in resources…

9. BUSY Accounting Software

BUSY Accounting Software was founded by Dinesh Kumar Gupta and Rajesh Gupta on August 12, 1997. BUSY Infotech Pvt. Ltd. provides a broad-spectrum GST/VAT-based accounting software that gives all financial information to decision-makers. It provides support to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and is used by over 3,60,000 customers around the world. It's a  Business Accounting Software allowing users not only to control finance but managing complete business procedures by implementing features like making financial statements, managing stock, automated…

10. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is a popular and easy-to-use accounting software initially developed by Scott Cook and Tom Pooulx in 1983. In initial releases, there was not as much feature as today. QuickBooks Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses allows users to send customized quotes and invoices to get paid instantly through online payments. It provides various tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, time tracking. It gives the ability to configure sales tax rates with your own country’s tax regulations. It offers an efficient…

11. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is the first-ever cloud-based accounting suite founded by Odysseas Tsatalos, David Chandler Thomas in 1999. Sage Intacct is a reliable accounting system recommended by AICPA which comes up with core financial operations such as general ledger, A/P, A/R, order management, cash management, and many more. With over 15,000 customers and 500 employees provides an integrated and automated environment that gives you a complete picture of the financial position of the business. Multi-dimensional reporting helps CFOs, BODs make accurate…