5 Sites Like Raptr

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Raptr is a discontinued informal communication site that deeply focuses on computer game players. It is similar to other interaction sites where the clients can add computer games to their profile and track game achievements. Launched in 2008, the service lets its users share surveys, game data, and sub-activities.

If you are a user of Twitter, FriendFeed, and Facebook, then you can publish your gaming achievements to these sites. Raptr supports Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Xfire, and ICQ. Here, users can earn currency, called Raptr points, and these points can exchange for various rewards such as in-game items, avatars, etc.

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Why do people need the top best apps like Raptr?

Raptr is unavailable on the servers, and gamers worldwide need to discover new games. Due to the unavailability of the service, the community is browsing for similar apps to Raptr. Here are some famous apps that work similarly to Raptr.

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5 Alternatives Listed
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An internet gaming service that permits its user to play multiple games in one pack with friends worldwide is undoubtedly GameRanger. To share the game performance the service has separate chat rooms and voice chats. Available for both Mac and Windows, it has almost 700 licensed items for its user. Now the question is how you can host a game?  It’s very simple, just install and complete setup. It’s time to create an account, log in to your account, and…

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GameTracker is one of the top best alternatives to Raptr, as it is a platform with unlimited games for game lovers.  The app tracks all the basics of the user, such as how he has played with the clan, stats, and more interesting, you can share your current stats on the social media platforms. The steps are simple just download the service, make an account, and enjoy a stream of games for free. Whether you want to combat or play…

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Founded in 2009, Garena is an online social platform for various communities to download and play online games. The platform has a similar interface to instant messaging platforms where the player can develop a friend’s list, chat with friends online, and check on game progress regularly. All the gamers have a separate and unique identity where they can customize their avatar or alter their names. Garena allows the clients to form groups or clans and contact multiple gamers through public…

If it would not be wrong to say that if you are a specialized gamer and can earn multiple achievements, then Exophase is the best gaming platform for you. Tracking of stats, earning gaming cards, and be on the top of the multi-platform leaderboards are the major tasks that you can perform. Just sign up and create a profile to test your gaming skills and share updates through social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc. furthermore, you can meet other gamers…


GameRankr is an open-source free of cost application for tracking the desired games you want to play. After playing the games, you can add your valuable experience about the adventure you have had to aware of the rest of the gamers. You can make friends and chat with them, publically and privately. You can browse a collection of games within one pack. Share the gaming achievements on Facebook by logging into the account.


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