OSRS Guide - Fighting the Chaos Elemental

The Chaos Elemental was released with an update on 20 February 2006. It’s a Dark Cloud that appears with six tentacles and has up to 305 Combat Levels, along with a Size of 3×3. Considering the Chaos Elemental, a hardcore enemy won’t be wrong because it spawns on Pearlstone, Pearlsand, and Pink Ice Blocks in the Cavern Layer. If you aren’t already familiar with it, you would be surprised to know that the Chaos Elemental runs around and teleports speedily to damage the player by making strong contact.

Within 20 tiles, it can teleport itself in a random position from its target but four tiles away from the player. Besides, Chaos Elemental can’t teleport itself into Lava, though it can fall into the Lava after teleporting. Old-gen Console and Nintendo 3DS versions introduce the “Exclusive Spectral Elemental” variant, and like many other Underground Hallow foes, it comes with a glowing pink after-image. Before starting how to Fight the Chaos Elemental, you should keep a few things in mind that may help you during the battle.

  • Chaos Elemental can spawn if the player isn’t in the Underground Hallow; therefore, the only things they need are the following: Pearlstone, Pink Ice, or Pearlsand.
  • You should keep in mind that Chaos Elemental can’t spawn only if the player is standing ahead of the background wall the player has placed, or a Non-player Character is housed nearby.

Fighting the Chaos Elemental – Best Strategies

If you have decided to confront the Chaos Elemental alone, it could be a bad idea because the enemy is famous for killing heroes swiftly; therefore, never dare to go solo if you decide to fight the Chaos Elemental. Going with a team could be in your favor when fighting against the said enemy; furthermore, we suggest you take high-healing food, including Curry and Pies, if you are in front of the enemy without the safe spots. Apart from that, you must be familiar with one of the Chaos Elemental attacks designed to unequip items you are carrying on, and indeed it takes time to re-equip them before continuing the battle.

If the chances of encountering the player killers are strong, then sticking to the low-cast anti-magic gear like Good Helm and Dragonhide Armor would be in the player’s interest. Regular food items, including Potatoes, Sacks, and Cabbage, are the perfect choice for full your inventory with junk; meanwhile, you can eat food and then bring them back quickly at the end of the trip.


The hit-and-hide tactic is excellent for solo, and it is also referred to as Flinching or Hit-and-Run. You can hide behind trees after hitting the target. It can be done by seeking the Chaos Elemental’s attention and then going behind the tree to take shelter for a while and repeat the process. It would help to keep your character behind the tree until the hit-point bar disappeared. Go and attack once again and return behind the tree. Keep repeating the process until the Elemental is dead. You have any melee weapon to perform the said method, and a full set of Verac’s Equipment recommended for fast kills.

If you aren’t interested in using the Hit-and-Hide Tactic, we suggest using Plateskirt, Verac’s Helm, and Karil’s Leathertop with a Crystal Shield. You can also use a Rune Crossbow/Armandyl Crossbow with Ruby Bolts. Using the said weapons may help you kill the boss quickly.


Fighting the Chaos Elemental becomes easier when confronting the boss with a team. Using melee weapons always goes in your favor as it decreases the risk and improves the chances of your victory. Players should obtain armor with high Ranged and Melee Defense, including Barrows Equipment and Dragon. You can also use the Protect from Magic element to empower your character and defeat the boss. Besides, it would be great to stick to lower-cost gear to alleviate the risk mentioned above.

Recommended Skills

  • Attack – 80+
  • Strength – 80+
  • Defense – 70+
  • Ranged – 75+
  • Prayer – 37+ (Recommended)


We’ve compiled a guide to help you understand what and how to defeat the Chaos Elemental using a set of Melee, Anti-magic, Prayer, and Ranged Weapons.

  • Equipment for Melee

You can activate the Protect from Magic to use the protect magic if the risk is high; otherwise, going with the Safe Spot would be great. Besides, you can take a dose of Prayer Potion if the Prayer falls below 10 Points.

Slot Item
Head Serpentine helm / Verac’s helm Helm of neitiznot Dragon med helm Rune full helm
Back Ardougne cloak 4 Fire cape Cape of Accomplishment God cape
Body Barrows body Bandos chestplate Fighter torso Dragon chainbody Rune platebody
Leg Barrows legs Bandos tassets Dragon platelegs / Dragon plateskirt Rune platelegs / Rune plateskirt
Weapon Zamorakian hasta Abyssal whip Dragon scimitar
Shield Dragon defender / Dragonfire shield Crystal shield Rune defender
Special Attack Abyssal dagger (p++) Dragon halberd
  • Melee (Anti-Magic)

There’s a set of items that you can equip your character to defeat the Chaos Elemental.

Slot Item
Head Serpentine helm / Verac’s helm Helm of neitiznot Dragon med helm Rune full helm
Back God cape Cape of Accomplishment Ardougne cloak 4
Body Karil’s leathertop Blessed body Black d’hide body
Leg Karil’s leatherskirt Blessed chaps Black d’hide chaps
Weapon Zamorakian hasta Abyssal whip Dragon scimitar
Shield Dragon defender / Dragonfire shield Crystal shield Rune defender
Special Attack Abyssal dagger (p++) Dragon halberd
  • Prayer

The table is split into seven different rows, including Head, Back, Body, and Leg. There are special items available that you can equip to your character for better performance.

Slot Item
Head Verac’s helm Helm of neitiznot Proselyte sallet
Back Ardougne cloak 4 Cape of Accomplishment Fire cape
Body Verac’s brassard Proselyte hauberk Initiate hauberk
Leg Verac’s plateskirt Proselyte cuisse / Proselyte tasset Initiate cuisse
Weapon Verac’s flail/ Zamorakian hasta Abyssal whip Dragon scimitar
Shield Verac’s flail Unholy book Book of balance Holy book
Special Attack Explorer’s ring Dragon halberd
  • Ranged

If you are searching for the best Ranged Weapons to defeat the Chaos Elemental, then taking advantage of the table given below may be in your favor.

Slot Item
Head Armadyl helmet Robin hood hat Karil’s coif Archer helm
Back Ava’s accumulator Ranging cape (t) Ranging cape Ava’s attractor
Body Armadyl chestplate Karil’s leathertop Blessed body Black d’hide body Rangers’ tunic
Leg Armadyl chainskirt Karil’s leatherskirt Blessed chaps Black d’hide chaps Red d’hide chaps
Weapon Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl crossbow Crystal bow Rune crossbow
Shield Toxic blowpipe or Crystal bow Book of law Unholy book Book of balance
Special Attack Adamant darts / Mithril dart Diamond bolts Ruby bolts Broad bolts Adamant bolts

Did you know? The Chaos Elemental is a boss located deep within the wilderness and discovered in a Multi-combat zombie. Therefore, we suggest you not equip those items you aren’t willing to lose. There’s another thing, “Hard Wilderness Diary,” that you need when it comes to killing the Chaos Elemental.

Chaos Elemental – Attacks

The Chaos Elemental can perform three different types of attacks to defeat players and their teammates; however, the primary attack is a Projectile Attack that resembles a set of three colors fired at the targeted spot. You would be surprised to know that the said attack can efficiently deal Melee, Ranged, or Magic Damage; therefore, it’s impossible to distinguish what damage is dealt. The available attacks are the following:

  • Discord – It can deal with Melee, Magic, or Ranged Damage.
  • Madness – It may unequip four worn items of the player.
  • Confusion – Teleports the target nearby.

How to Fight the Chaos Elemental?

There are two mechanics that the Chaos Elemental uses during the fight; the first one is to teleport ten tiles away from its location upon getting hit by the player and the second method includes a green spell that the Chaos Elemental throws at you to unequip your items.

Using the flinching method may help you trounce the boss; otherwise, you should go with the melee weapons mentioned above to achieve your goal of defeating enemies.

Guide on Killing Chaos Elemental

At the start, you should hunt for the Chaos Elemental Pet that might cost you 200+ KC. After that, set up the following items: Craw Bow, Arma Helm, Ring of Wealth, Pet Boot, Full Black Hide, and more. Besides, your inventory should contain the following things:

  • Bastion Potion – 1
  • Prayer Potion – 5
  • Sack of Cabbage – 2
  • Looting Bag – 1
  • Bones to Peaches Tab – 10
  • House Tab – 1
  • Rest Sharks – 1

Usually, Chaos Elemental Drops the following bones: Big and Bat; so, bones are about 32 HP for free. After that, the Craw Bow is the best choice for players, but we recommend you use the twisted bow to help you decrease the risk. Before the enemy teleports you, you should attack timely when teleported.

Do you know? The unequip attack only works if you have one space left in inventory, so you should avoid the attack by keeping your inventory completely full. Keeping a cabbage bag in your inventory is helpful, and whenever the enemy attacks you, you should empty the cabbage bag before the green spell hits you. Following the method I said may help you secure your equipment, and they won’t be unequipped by that spell.

That’s almost everything you should know when fighting the Chaos Elemental. I hope this helps!