8 Apps Like Naviator

Naviator Alternatives

Naviator is an Android app that presents moving map GPS merely for pilots to gather and track data everywhere. The GPS place in the app features information such as airports, TFRs, and other details that could be beneficial to the pilot. It brings GPS moving map with airports, radio navigation aids, airspaces, airways intersections, TFRs, and more right on the palm of your hands.

It supports ADS-B receivers such as iLevil AW/SW, Dual XGPS 170, SkyGuardTWX, Flight Data Systems Pathfinder, XGPS190, Navworx, uAvionix pingBuddy, Stratux, FlightBox, and more. It also features the importing of custom airspace from OpenAir airspace files, global terrain database with terrain warnings, 3D synthetic vision with terrain, and so much more.


  • GPS moving map
  • All navigational data
  • Global forecast engine
  • GPS tracking recording
  • Integration with Microsoft simulator

Alternatives to Naviator


1. Garmin Pilot

Garmin Pilot Alternatives

Garmin Pilot - Plan. File. Fly. Log. App is one of the most complete suites of tools, for general aviation as well as corporate pilots, to be used on Android and iOS devices. Some functionalities including flight planning, DUATs filing, interactive maps, weather briefing resources, navigation capabilities, and so much more are available here. Garmin Pilot is one of the very most detailed methods developed for pilots, equally private, and commercial. The app reduces the whole process of soaring an aircraft into…

2. FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker alternatives

FlightAware Flight Tracker app lets you track flights and everything about flights from their user’s cell phones and tablets. FlightAware Flight Tracker - Airplane & flight tracker App makes it effortless to track real-time flight status, general aviation, see live map flight track of commercial flights globally, and others. FlightAware Flight Tracker is an application that allows you to track the real-time trip position, and live track any commercial trip in the world. Nevertheless, it may display private, and charter flights…

3. Avare

Avare ALternatives

Avare is a well-identified Android app that will be basically aimed just at pilots who can be soaring in the USA, and in some areas of Canada. Nevertheless, the app does provide knowledge such as TPC charts for the entire world, alongside ONC charts for Europe, South Asia, and some other countries. It brings offline moving maps on FAA chats including approach plate, airport diagrams w/GPS Taxi, A/DF information, and more. Some of its highlighting features include easy to learn and use, free FAA…

4. Takeoff - Aviation Weather for Android

Takeoff alternatives

Takeoff is an iOS app that aims to ensure that pilots can get access to the latest in aviation technologies, and practices. While carrying all the significant data such as personalized meter reports, meter history, hundreds of weather graphics, metric and imperial unit support, NOTAMs for airports globally, and hundreds of weather graphics, this platform is helping pilots and users to have quality information. The app offers new material to people using iPhones, and iPads, Android, and other devices every…

5. ForeFlight

ForeFlight Alternatives

ForeFlight is an elegantly designed, must-have flight app that makes flying, logging, and planning flights a joy. ForeFlight Mobile EFB app brings advanced flight planning capabilities, charts, en route navigation charts, hazard awareness, a comprehensive library of market-leading weather information, moving maps, and more. ForeFlight - Intelligent Apps for Pilots is an iOS just app that provides lots of wonderful features, such as touch planning, fun course modifying, SID/STAR previews, plus a lot more. With ForeFlight Visual Briefing, you will get…

6. FlightRadar

FlightRadar Alternatives

FlightRadar is one of the most accurate and professional flight trackers and travel apps used by folks in more than 150 countries for tracking things on the move. Flightradar24 | Flight Tracker lets you turn your phones and tablets into a live plane tracker and track all the flights around the world move n real-time on a detailed map. FlightRadar - Live plane & flight tracker is an application that allows you to change your iOS, or Android device into a…

7. CloudAhoy

CloudAhoy alternatives

CloudAhoy is merely for pilots' flight debriefing through which they can get to know all the information and necessary things needed for them to know. Post-flight service provides a comprehensive debriefing and data is logged during flights. Presentation of 3D flight tracks, 2D flight tracks, VFR or IFR, maneuver, analysis, instrument approaches, profiles, and more for users are available here for users to manage things accordingly. CloudAhoy is an intuitive aviation app for iPhone and iPad, which was generated to…

8. FltPlan Go

FltPlan Go Alternatives

FltPlan Go is an indispensable companion to the website of FltPlan Go and incorporates essential tools and features for offline and in-flight use. It is there for you to create as well as file FltPlan Go on the website and sync everything on the app to lets you edit the flight plan on the map. Users can sync or download NavLogs for offline use and create/file your flight on the move. FltPlan Go comes with strong courses and mapping functions that…