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MuStar is a platform for creators who want to create, explore, and publish fun content for getting fame and money right away. MuStar – Lip Sync Short Videos Musically Battle App contains sync and dances musical battles filled with one of the largest selections of sounds for you to enjoy.

You can intuitively discover TikTok sounds and create a dub with your best dance or lip sync to publish it in front of the world. Join hot, trendy, and new challenges and make a glitch video to music clips in the app. You can combine video clips to make a single video, grab professional music from the exclusive library and create cool videos with stickers to amaze friends and fans globally.

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MuStar allows you to record and share your lip sync videos without any cost. It offers almost over 50 effects to rate the video and make it sensational for viewers. Today in the social age, everyone has dozen of accounts over different apps and they want to show off their talents over there, no worries, you can directly share your videos on your official accounts from the app.

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Whether you need a birthday video or save memories of a special event, all in one pack is available with over 500 soundtracks by default and you can make the video by adding random sound as well.


  • Unique Lips Sync Clips
  • A Huge Database Of Songs
  • A Huge Database Of Movies
  • Cool Video Effects
  • Share Videos

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MX TakaTak Short Video App brings a whole lot of fun when it comes to creating music videos, short musical content, funny dialogues dubbing, short videos, and more. MX TakaTak Short Video App is one of the best alternatives to Moj that brings loads of exciting filters, music clips, editing options, and so much more. This short video-making app helps you create magnificent content based on your imagination, creativity, acting skills, and mentality to have overnight fame. Rich video content…

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If you want to forecast your talent and creativity in front of the whole world, Josh Videos is there for you to enjoy things intuitively. Josh: Short Videos App enables you to broadcast your talent and gain more popularity and fame from girls and boys worldwide. The ease of making videos and exclusive short video-making functions make JOSH one of the best alternatives to Moj. Global folks create exclusive, funny, lip-syncing, entertaining, sadistic, and unique content to gain fame and…

3: Moj


Moj is one of India's most known short video-making apps that brings hot, romantic, viral, and exciting content right into the palm of your hands. A never-ending string of entertaining videos is available here for endless hours of fun. While discovering new and hidden talent from all over the world provides users a whole new way of being viral. Loads of original short videos, funny dialogues, lip-sync videos, real celebrity videos, and fun viral content is available here for you…


Whether you love live streaming or making and uploading content to mark your existence in front of millions of people globally, Tango is there to enjoy everything you are looking for. Tango - Live Stream & Video Chat App helps users go live, and video chat with beautiful girls and handsome boys. Meet global people, make new friends, showcase talent, broadcast creativity, and bring your inner influencer out through it. Live video streaming is an exciting new feature with loads…

LIKEE is a fun app that lets you show your talent around the world. The app comes as an alternative to TikTok and offers lots of new tools and features to make it one of the best social video-sharing applications. The application grants access to you for the creation of lipsync to music and dialogues videos, making short, witty, and funny videos. Likee is another tremendously used app that transforms ordinary people into global stars overnight. While making content that…

6: Dubsmash


Dubsmash was one of the oldest yet initial video making and sharing social media platforms for Android and iOS platforms. One of the core reasons for Dubsmash’s fame was the celebrities that used it for making fun videos of funny, serious, romantic, and humorous dialogues. Dubsmash is no longer a part of the internet because Dubsmash has been shut down and unavailable since February 22, 2022. Plenty of best Dubsmash alternatives are available, so you explore those and get an…



This video-sharing mobile app brings millions of funny and cool videos for you to have endless hours of fun. Kwai - Watch cool & funny videos is a social network for short trends where you can share your life's special, funny, creative, and imaginative moments to gain popularity and fame in no time. Kwai trends and challenges are something that is of the next level because of their engagingness and uniqueness. You can find the latest trends from all over…

Girls and boys looking for a free and full-fledged videos app where you can post fun, unique, and hilarious content must take a look at Doobido. Doobido: Free Short Video App, Video Share App is a free and comprehensive short video-making app with loads of hot, interesting, fun, hilarious, trendy, and entertaining content just for entertainment purposes. Watch fun and engaging free short videos in high resolution and share them with your loved ones through your desired social platforms. Uploading…

Instagram is another great and trendy social media app with millions of beautiful girls and charming boys for socializing. This beautiful stage lets you portray your short videos, makeup tutorials, funny videos, creative art, and more in front of the whole world and gain real popularity. Both private and public accounts can be made to depict yourself and your talent to gain popularity. The Instagram reel is a function of Instagram where you can explore endless content from Instagram creators…

10: Vigo Video


Vigo Video is a short video-making app where you can enjoy sharing 15-seconds clips online. Formerly called Flipgram and Hipstar, Vigo Video is also no more a part of interest, but users can download its apk on their android and iOS platforms. Loads of fun from lip-syncing, food trips, music covers, beauty performance art, drawings, and acting skills to animal clips and more are available here just for entertainment purposes. Vigo Video is discontinued, but you can easily explore some…

VideoShow brings another great way to portray your content in front of the whole world while embedding it with extreme professionalism. This free video maker and editor help everyone create and edit excellent quality videos and publish them to their desired social media platform, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Make romantic, trendy, hot, cool, fun, sad, and other content that likewise helps you get fame and money. If you are ever looking for exquisite Christmas content, couple videos, cartoon…

Chingari is a free-to-use video-sharing app that allows you to record and share your talent with the world and get real-time feedback. If you are an Indian and worried about the TikTok ban, then Chingari is a solution with a secure and private channel. It offers you to make a wide range of videos such as Trending, Entertainment, Funny, Status Videos, and short Clips as well. Another Indian app where you can find a source of entertainment in the time…

Currently, the most famous and full-fledged short video-making app is named TikTok. Millions of beautiful girls, handsome boys, charming men, exquisite women, bi and trans are using this platform for portraying their talent and creativity to the whole world. TikTok is a marvelous platform for you to earn real fame and spread your talent. Videos for every mood, such as sadistic, funny, romantic, sporty, cooking, and others, are available here to make your day special. It’s probably one of the most…

Funimate is an elegantly designed and one of the top video editing apps where you can get the most advanced and effortless video editing functionalities. For making professional edits, you can use plenty of unique and beautiful editing features that need no professional knowledge of editing. Create PRO-Level edits of your routine memories and make them look more special than ever. Create awesome fan edits and lighten up your freestyle videos through elegant functions, including transitions, video and text filters,…

Triller is an entertainment as well as social video editor with music for people who want to create, edit, and publish their content to be famous and earn directly or indirectly as well. Triller: Social Video Platform contains a massive video community where you can show the world who you are by capturing flawless videos and sharing them with the global world within seconds. Triller: Social Videos & Clips help you with everything, whether you want to add music, remix…


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