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MSQRD is a real-time face modification that will change your looks based on the effect and animation you choose to make you look like your favourite celebrity, an animal, or even the president of the USA. Just open the app and select the filter to start recording a hilarious video and prank your friends by posting it on social media. MSQRD app uses advanced AI face recognition features to recognize your face on the screen and apply the selected effect accordingly.

The shape of the mask will change as you change your expression to make it look close to reality. You can change from a front-facing camera to a rare camera to record video of your family members and surprise them with their new looks.

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  • Multi-face recognition to take a group selfie
  • Expression-oriented face masks
  • Option to re-edit a video
  • Apply various masks to choose the best

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Video calling your friends or family members but want to prank them by changing your face with the face of their favourite celebrity. Facehub can animate your face in the live video and change your facial expressions with the face of your choice to play a hilarious prank on them. The app not only animate video but can also edit your selfies and portraits to share them with your friends later. You need to buy a monthly or a yearly…

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Face Story is an AI face changer app that applies filters and effects to your photos to swap your gender or make you look older within a few seconds. It can read your face to adjust the animation and face filter according to your face to make it look realistic. Just take a photo and select the desired gender and age to take a look at your face from a whole new perspective.   The community section provides creators with…

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Olidfy is an app like Wombo that allows you to create old age images to get an idea about your looks when you will pass your 50s or 60s. You can enter your age to find your true ageing image and change the age with a touch of a finger. Add body gestures to make the animation hilarious and share it with your friends to prank them. It tracks the movement of your face and your expression to change the…

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Are you wondering that how your friends are managing to look older than their actual age or changing their gender to prank you with their photos? The AgingBooth app is making it possible by creating realistic deep fakes without using any of those ugly stickers. It can edit photos from the internal library or you can take a new photo with the built-in camera to edit it. Photos generated by AgingBooth are funny and give you a new perspective to…

Are you looking for an app that will make you look old or change your facial expressions to make you look like someone from another gender? Then FaceApp has got everything that you will need to bring this transformation to reality without sitting in front of your computer and using some expensive photo editing software. Although faceapp privacy has been a great concern for users official statement gave them a sigh of relief because all their photos will be deleted…

Have you ever seen a trending video with animated faces on the internet and wondered that will you enable to give your photos an animated touch? Then Avatarify is the dream app for you as it has a large collection of hundreds of trending animations to choose from. You can listen to a song before using it in your video and it features songs from all genres. Either live record a video using your phone’s front camera or select a…

If you want to create photo clones of your friends, family members, or favourite celebrities but you are afraid that you don’t have any artistic skills to do so. Mug Life app is there to save you as you can download your favourite effects from other content creators and paste them to create stunning photos. You can try various animations to choose the best according to the shape of the face before finally saving it in the gallery. Test editor…

Are you bored with your usual selfies and want to listen to your favorite song every time you view them? If yes, then Wombo can help you make your selfies sing using advanced AI synchronization. It is a complete work of art to show your family members and friends what you are capable of. Wombo app comes in handy as you cansave videos to your phone or directly share them on your social media accounts. Everyone is limited to only…


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