6 Games Like Mad Father

Mad Father

Mad Father is an Adventure, Anime, Horror, and Single-player Role-playing video game created by Sen and published by Playism also the publisher of OMORI. The horror mixed adventure game revolves around an 11-year old girl, named Aya Drevis, who unravels a set of dark secrets by mistake.

Now, she is stuck in an unknown world where she needs to use knives, hammers, chainsaws, and bottles to protect herself when navigating a world full of vicious monsters and their bosses. The gameplay isn’t easy as it seems; therefore, you should navigate the world from a top-down viewpoint, battle enemies, earn in-game points, and reach the end to become the master.


  • Top-down Exploration
  • Dungeons
  • Monsters
  • Multiple Weapons
  • Role-playing Elements
  • Turn-based Gameplay
  • Surreal Locations
  • Single-player

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1. Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is a survival and adventure game. In Cult of the Lamb, players control a possessed lamb rescued by a stranger. You can collect things and use them to build new buildings, appease the gods with dark rituals, and preach to strengthen your congregation's faith. You can explore a vast procedurally-generated world, fight hordes of enemies, and kill the leaders of rival cults to take their power and start your own. Gather your flock first, and then…

2. Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki features a small girl as a protagonist who needs your help in an unknown to come out. The game comes with only a Single-player mode and it leaves you alone to navigate the open-ended world where different creatures await you to kill. Explore the world of your dream at your own pace. The game doesn’t feature any particular goals nor does the story speak itself. There are several playable characters available each comes with a unique personality. Explore…

3. LISA: The Painful

LISA: The Painful is a Story-Rich, Role-playing, and Single-player Adventure video game that comes with a few dark humor elements. It is released back in 2014 and is available to play on Multiple Platforms, including Windows and Linux. The game comes with side-scrolling gameplay that brings the Role-playing genre to a post-apocalyptic-themed wasteland. You are thrown beneath the charming world full of destructive monsters and their bosses. Making a way to reach the ground is the dream of everyone who…

4. OneShot

OneShot is an Adventure, Role-playing, and Single-player video game developed by Future Cat for Multiple Platforms. The game involves metafictional elements with Puzzle and Adventure genres to offer you thrilling gameplay. The plot revolves around a character who reaches an unknown world that has been deprived of its sunlight. Furthermore, the objective of the player is to restore the sun and save the world. The game plays from a top-down viewpoint when controlling a character named Niko. There are several…

5. Undertale

Released in 2015, Undertale is a Role-playing and Single-player video game released by Toby Fox for Multiple Devices. The game features a child who has mistakenly lost into the underground world where he needs your help to come out, but for now, it is a bit impossible. During navigation, the player meets different vicious creatures, some are frightened. The player navigates the world from a top-down viewpoint and his ultimate goal is to progress through the plot. During the game,…


OMORI is a Role-playing and Single-player video game released by Playism for Multiple Platforms. It features stunning gameplay and revolves around a hand-drawn character who navigates the world surrounding him from a top-down viewpoint. The game releases with psychological horror elements, offering you a stunning story focusing on a boy named Sunny. According to the plot, a boy is set in his dream world where he navigates both the real and surreal dream world to unravel fears and secrets. Get…