9 Apps Like LawGro

LawGro is a tool for legal firms to expand their client base. It provides secure and collaborative ways to connect with your clients for a better experience. Artificial intelligence and real-time analytics are at the heart of its law practice management software, accessible through the cloud and mobile devices.

This program is capable of covering nearly all facets of the profession. Every collaborative feature you could need is right there: time tracking, tasks, invoicing, contract generation, and document management.


  • Automate your practice
  • More than 12 hours a week for each user
  • Need no credit card to start
  • Average of 32% billable hours
  • User friendly

Similar to LawGro


1. The Legal Assistant

The Legal Assistant delivers a trustworthy legal case management software package that is both highly evolved and easy to use, regardless of whether you are a solo attorney or a multi-lawyer business. Because of our revolutionary monthly rental pricing, your initial outlay is small, and your annual rate of return is in the hundreds of percent. It's as simple as selecting the modules and number of consumers you need and then deciding if you want the Cloud version managed by…

2. Provy

Provy's cloud-based case management platform automates team collaboration and client communication. Professionals can create tasks, set due dates, and attach files. Privy's features include contact import/export, cloud storage, multi-channel messaging, and bespoke branding. Lawyers have access to a variety of client and prospect information. Track cases, contact consumers via chat or email and construct survey questions using drop-down menus, custom fields, and multiple-choice options. Provy's calendar lets users track events, reminders, and deadlines. Monthly, yearly, and email subscriptions are available.…

3. Actionstep

Law firms can use Actionstep to maintain track of their day-to-day operations. It was first offered in 2005 and has evolved into a considerably more comprehensive solution for commercial clients. Actionstep's initial concentration was not on the legal profession, but it has since focused on that market. Web-based and cloud-based, Actionstep runs on Actionstep servers and stores your data in Actionstep's data centers. All you have to do is use it. Automation is woven into all of our features to…

4. TimeSolv

When you use TimeSolv's unique time tracking framework, it's easier than ever to figure out billable hours and accurately monitor the work you've done for clients. To boost their success, businesses can use TimeSolv's invoicing and cost tracking, time tracking, project management, and reporting capabilities. TimeSolv stands out from the crowd because of the wide range of features it offers to Mac and PC users alike. As a result of matter budgeting and firm performance analyses in this cloud application,…

5. Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is used to organizing anything, from case management and CRM to time tracking and billing through a consumer interface. Store all case-related data and documents in one location and track those using Kanban boards. Analyze data with powerful reporting tools. Keep track of both the trust and active accounts at the same time. Invoices and product mass invoices can be automatically linked to time inputs with specified billing rules. It comes with a capacity that lets customers make…

6. LawEnvoy


LawEnvoy is a Law Firm and Advocacy Software created to support Agencies and Startups. This online Law Firm and Advocacy system consolidate task management, calendar management, billing and invoicing, legal case management, and customer relationship management into a single location. LawEnvoy offers comprehensive solutions that are made specifically for web apps. LawEnvoy Provides everything required to successfully run a legal practice, including the management of cases, records, clients, invoices, time tracking, and billing. Features Have years of research with lawyers…

7. Smokeball

Cloud-based Smokeball manages legal practices. This program is meant for small law firms to create a paperless workplace, promote efficiency, and increase profitability. The billing platform automates legal forms. The forum covers contingency, hourly, and fixed. This software's task management feature helps you establish automatic reminders for repeated chores like Power of Attorney renewal. It's a case management tool with time-tracking, document, contact, and email management. Integrating Outlook with Word extends its functionality. Features Templates of legal offices and courtrooms…

8. Zola Suite

Zola Suite offers businesses the most comprehensive, cloud-based practice management solution. This solution helps companies eliminate data silos, allowing businesses to maximize efficiency and boost revenue. The Zola Suite is an all-inclusive, end-to-end practice management platform that encourages organization, simplifies workflow, and makes it easier to collaborate with patients. Zola Suite allows you to manage your whole caseload with the strength of just one system by combining the most compelling case management technologies available today into a unified, user-friendly platform.…

9. LEX247


LEX247.com is a global cloud service provider within the LegalTech industry. The company has its origins in Scandinavia and is working to establish systems for a new era. LEX247 is not comparable to any other cloud-based or on-premises legal practice management software that is currently on the market. LEX247 was developed after tens of years of experience working in the legal profession, and it is the only platform that can fully connect with the workflow of your organization. It provides…