Key Benefits of Choosing Webix for Your Next Project

JavaScript is a highly popular programming language. It is used to create interactive interfaces for websites and web applications. The combination of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML allows developers to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated projects. A carefully chosen JS framework can become a helpful assistant in the development process.

The choice of the frameworks available today is staggering and may confuse an inexperienced programmer. The best piece of advice when making a choice is to have a deep understanding of the project you are working on. If you know what you expect from a JS framework, it is easier to make the right choice. In this article, we will describe the Webix UI library and its advantages.

What is Webix?

The Webix UI library is a toolkit of ready-made controls and widgets to build an interface of any complexity. The widgets of the library are conveniently grouped according to their purposes. There are more than a hundred widgets and UI controls. Besides, there are 13 complex widgets that are turnkey single-page applications. They are designed to cope with the most common tasks, such as scheduling, project management, team cooperation, and others. The widgets can be used either independently or built into any environment.

The UI Designer is a convenient tool included in the library. It is used to create prototypes and share the templates with clients and coworkers. The prototypes and proof of concepts created with the help of the Designer allow clients to better understand and visualize their projects and core functionality.

Webix Jet is a microframework inside the library that allows developers to create applications based on the elements of the library. Webix Jet is ready to deal with big amounts of data and requires only a short code input.

Among other possibilities of the library, there are templates and dashboards, as well as detailed documentation and a lively blog. Video tutorials and a forum help to shorten the learning curve and receive a fast response to any query.

What is the competitive advantage?

Let’s figure out in what ways Webix is stronger than its competitors and what your project will gain with this library.

1. High performance

The library is lightweight and fast. It is possible to create an app in just 30 seconds. The user experience is accurately taken care of, which leads to better performance perception.

2. Accelerating processes

Using the ready-made components to build a solution speeds up the whole development process. You do not waste time inventing the wheel, you just take the components and controls and match them with each other to get a complete solution that is faster in time and less consumable in resources.

3. Flexibility

The apps built with Webix, are compatible with any modern browsers and devices. If you wish to employ a third party for the project, Webix is integrated with jQuery, React, Angular, Vue, and Backbone.

4. Responsive support

There is enough information to study on the site. Besides, the technical staff is eager to help at any time in the chat, forum, or via email.

Where can Webix be used?

The library has grown from the tool used for internal purposes. It is a thoroughly developed project, created and maintained by a dedicated team of experts. Besides the opportunities for the development of various applications, the Webix team offers remote help. If you are looking for outsourced support to help you out with the current project, but you do not want to hire permanent employees, this option may come in handy.

┬áThe spheres of the library’s application include:

  • Web application development
  • Cross-platform development
  • Team expansion


The Webix UI library is a powerful tool for creating complex and sophisticated solutions. A free trial period offered by the library allows developers to get familiar with the possibilities of the library before purchasing it. You can study the pricing terms and choose the best option for your project.