9 iScienceAR Alternatives

iScienceAR Alternatives

iScienceAR lets you prepare to be amazed as you explore the fantastic creation and acquisition of science with the iScience book and this free app. iScienceAR is another magnificent product of Red Frog Digital Limited that contains augmented reality of science right on the palm of your hands.

It helps you experience the effects of temperature on matter by both cooling and heating water. You can enjoy exploring and experiencing atoms and even split those to see what happens. Other than these, you can experiment with some of the most recreative metals and discover their interaction whenever they come in contact with water.


  • Experiment with Audio waves
  • Explore the world of the Noble gases
  • Experiment with the effects
  • Explore Atoms and split them
  • Take a trip into outer space

Apps like iScienceAR


1. Holo

Holo alternatives

Holo app enables its global users to add holograms of the real people along with amazing, realistic animals into your world. Holo – Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality App enables its global users to take exciting videos and photos to share with friends while having fun Holo-mixing. You can enjoy creating unique and funny content by adding a Holo character into the rare or front camera and snapping videos or photos. Choosing from a diversity of holograms such as…

2. iStormAR

iStormAR Alternatives

iStormAR lets you take control and be amazed while holding some power of nature in your hands with the iStormAR book along with its free app. You can explore the surface of planet earth to discover where hurricanes and tsunamis occur. Users can enjoy sending tornado spinning on a trial of destruction, see inside a fiery volcano and make it erupt, and also make the round tremble with a mighty earthquake. Pinching and zooming to discover more details of its…

3. AR Effect

AR Effect Alternatives

AR Effect is a popular augmented reality app that contains fun augmented reality effects to your videos and pics that you create with the rare camera of your cell phones or tablets. AR Effect lets you store exciting videos and pictures with plenty of exciting and realistic virtual scenes, characters, and more with the AR effect app. Enjoy discovering augmented reality scenes with your viewfinder in the real world. Its excellent face recognition technology as well as smart AR engine…


ARLOOPA Alternatives

ARLOOPA is a stunning virtual reality and augmented reality tool that brings advanced AR services through which people imposes digital content over a real-world environment. ARLOOPA: AR Camera 3D Scanner lets people enjoy taking 3D photos and videos while playing with AR 3D wild animals such as dragons, sharks, dinosaurs, and other gigantic creations. ARLOOPA: Scary AR Halloween App brings the easiest way to experience augmented reality with the help of the rare camera of your tablets and smartphones. ARLOOPA:…

5. iCarltonAR

iCarltonAR Alternatives

iCarltonAR lets you select Jurassic world to bring dozens of exciting and realistic-looking dinosaurs come to life and have fun time whenever, wherever you want. iCarltonAR lets you discover 5 incredible Jurassic world dinosaurs in AR through single user, life size mode, and dial user experience. You can either choose Jurassic world special edition to Indominus rex for all the trendy and latest Dino enhancements plus five completely new AR dinosaurs. You can bring Jurassic World’s Tyrannosaurus Rex to life,…

6. Monster Park AR

Monster Park AR Alternatives

Monster Park makes mysterious creation comes to life. Monster Park AR - Jurassic Dinosaurs in Real World App brings amusing scenario of enormous dinosaurs and other monster creation to life with extremely engaging, realistic, and authentic augmented reality. AR effects make the experience with 4D dinosaurs incredible realistic and robust and helps you create awesome videos likewise. Monster Park - AR Dino World is a new augmented reality platform that enables you to observe and rule incredible lifelike and realistic…

7. Augmenting Alice

Augmenting Alice Alternatives

Augmenting Alice app lets you get a successful view of augmented stuff while integrating with the Book Augmenting Alice by Galit Ariel. You can use your cell phones and tables to experience the additional layer of the Book Augmenting Alice and even look for the augmentation icon over the data graphs or chapter titles pages to trigger animations, extra data, and other gigantic stuns. Optimal environment conditions are necessary to trigger the augmentation. Users must have the latest version of…

8. Dinosaur 3D AR

Dinosaur 3D AR Alternatives

Dinosaur 3D AR App intuitively provides augmented reality to create e stunning endowment while taking HD images and videos. It can go through your home, running, playing, sofa, ceiling, floor, and whatever you want. Zooming in and out, or rotating Dinosaur 3D or real size of them is an effortless work over here. This app continues to update the next versions including Carnotaurus, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Wolf, Crcodile, Spinosaurus, Fox, Brontosaurus, TyannosaurusRex, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Pteranodon, etc. Dinosaur 3D AR -…

9. iDinosaurar

iDinosaurar Alternatives

iDinosaurar app lets you unleash incredible augmented reality dinosaurs that needs a rare facing camera and is designed specifically with the iDinosaurar book. iDinosaurar is a sleek app presented in the market by Red Frog Digital Limited that helps you set a mighty tyrannosaurus rex free and let it roam around you in the way you want. Just hatch a baby brachiosaurus from a dinosaur egg and enjoy roaming and hunting with a pack of vicious velociraptors. You can enjoy…