10 I2P Alternatives

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I2P is a powerful and accessible web-based anonymous network that ensures privacy and anonymity while communicating. There is the advantage of having been optimized for short-lived tunnels and hidden services. By I2P, it is possible to set the IRC clients to redirect traffic to a port on the localhost. This program proves an excellent security solution for advanced users with worth mentioning features.

You can configure the I2P to work both in the chat apps and the browser. The web pages can be accessed by configuring the HTTP proxy of the browser to make use of the web proxy.

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  • Open-source
  • Peer-to-peer connection for added security
  • Best browser configuration
  • Email encryption
  • Mobile App
  • Change IP
  • Unlimited Access
  • Premium Severs

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10 Alternatives Listed
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anonymoX¬† is an efficient Firefox extension that provides a completely anonymous web browsing experience and allows you to switch between different virtual identities. It makes sure your identity is entirely concealed from the add-on bar, and you can select various identities with a single mouse clicking. Users cannot be tracked from another one when they are trying to open a web page. Don't worry about your activity being tracked or observed by third parties interested. This program promises you to…

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Private Internet Access is an advanced software solution that lets users anonymize their web traffic and stops trackers from monitoring online activity. You can choose UDP or TCP and find the connection type with flexible options. Moreover, it is possible to rely on the Auto option that assigns you a random country or right-click the notification area icon and choose the location. This application supports a DNS Leak Protection, VPN Kill Switch, and enables you to use IPv6 Leak Protection.…

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OpenVPN is a full-featured and reliable SSL VPN solution specially used for a safe and stealthy web browsing experience. There is a wide range of configurations, including Wi-Fi security, site-to-site VPNs, remote access, and enterprise-scale remote access solutions. An extensible VPN framework facilitates site-concrete customization, such as offering the ability to distribute a customized installation package to clients. A management interface is introduced here, which can be centrally organizing the OpenVPN daemon. For the first secure web browser, TLS is…

ZenMate is a lightweight application that is specially used to browse the internet in the virtual private network and secure from third parties. It is possible to alter the servers anytime, and ZenGuard GmbH develops the tool. The software takes just a few seconds for the client to save and connects your network. To modify your account information, namely, alter your subscription plan and the password. You can browse the internet by using different international servers. The utility uses an…

Tor Browser is a normal web browser that lets users safely access their favourite pages without the risk of triggering attacks and secure their identity. This application offers several settings at your disposal, such as choose a new identity for enhanced security, handle cookie protection, and configure connection settings. You need to select the connection type and configure the settings to enjoy a safe browsing experience fully. The worth mentioning feature is keeping data safe with the integrated HTTPS Everywhere…

CyberGhost VPN is an intuitive and reliable piece of work that ensures users to navigate on the internet and makes their internet experience secure. You can surf anonymously, and data transfers, location address, and user actions are concealed. After being connected, it is possible to find your location in the server map section and view your new IP address. Don't worry that the private data might get stolen; begin using the internet as normal. CyberGhost VPN removes the browser history…

Psiphon is a reliable piece of program that allows users to hide their internet activity from ISP and other devices in keeping an eye on their web navigation activity. There is a well-organized and user-friendly GUI to easily connect by specifying the server. This tool relies on the transport system and multiple protocols to enable anonymity. You can hide the traffic by establishing a connection in VPN mode. In the settings window, it is possible to make the modifications by…

HideMyAss! is the most popular and powerful VPN which offers all the essential tools to keep your privacy untouched by hiding your PC's IP address. A robust VPN service is here behind a user-friendly and dependable client. This utility is developed by Privax Ltd and can be engaged with three various connection modes like Instant, Freedom, and Location. The user can select any one of the provided servers from any country with the Location mode. To maximize your workflow, there…

Hotspot Shield is a powerful VPN application that offers users full access to online content while keeping their virtual identities safe. A robust encryption technology (SSL) is introduced here to secure web sessions, data transfers, and personal information. To allow full anonymity, Hotspot Shield hides your IP address to remain secure as going to various Wi-Fi locations. You're all voice chats or videos are protected, and you can access web content without censorship. It is possible to configure the level…


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