How to use Excel for Home Assignments?

Digitalization is becoming more and more global, making our world faster and more computerized. For many years, people have been using different software to resolve business and educational tasks effectively. Excel is one of the widely spread software with many fans because it helps determine various tasks. Many studying programs include operations with Excel because it is native and easy to use. Some students do not have enough skills in Excel and cannot perform at the needed level.

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Why do we need to use Excel in studying?

Excel is a software that effectively works on different types of data, provides calculations, draws diagrams, creates tables, and more. Being part of the Microsoft Office package, Excel is one of the most used programs among the users of Windows and users of macOS, and other operating systems. Excel is utilized for various business and studying purposes globally because it lets to proceed with complex calculations and perfect in sorting out different information.

Excel is an irreplaceable software for studying as it can be utilized in multipurpose ways. For example, students often use Excel to provide fast calculations and learn how to proceed with effective multilevel math operations. Another purpose of Excel for students is organizing data and classifying information using filters. Homework with Excel becomes more accessible as it lets to equate data, create formulas, etc., automatically. Excel enables you to sort out any information type and logically arrange vast amounts of data.

How to apply Excel for home tasks?

1. Fast calculations

Excel allows providing multiple types of actions with numbers, making it useful for learning math. Using columns and rows of the spreadsheet can provide extraction, addition, multiplication, division, and other operations. Students often use Excel spreadsheets as calculators to check themselves during working with numbers.

2. Sorting data

One of Excel’s ultimate purposes is sorting vast amounts of data. You can divide information into classes and groups, classify data by their specifics, etc. By using filters and applying them to numerical data in the spreadsheet, you can ease the process of organizing information. Filters also help narrow down the calculations’ results even if the number of data is enormous.

3. Creating charts

Excel is helpful for home assignments that require you to create different visual objects with data. Charts and diagrams are perfect for exposing data and results of the analysis. You can then add them to other files by converting charts and combining the visuals.

4. Converting data

Excel allows converting any type of file to web format. Restoring function is widely used by teachers for learning purposes. Converted files are easily shared online and ease the studying process. You can convert a chart, a table, a diagram, etc.

5. Quick analysis

Students often use Excel to deal with analytical assignments. You can not only present the results of evaluations in a helpful format but also check the correctness of calculations. Moreover, you can additionally format the spreadsheet.

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Some useful Excel features

Here are some of the concrete features of Excel that will be helpful for almost any kind of task.

1. Autocorrect and Autofill

Time is the most valuable resource for students. You can find the possibilities of educational software for saving time. If you must work on volume calculations and vast tables, you can apply the AutoCorrect and AutoFill functions of Excel to make the process faster. With the help of these ultimate features, you will not have to type manually, especially numbers and repeated data. AutoCorrect is an irreplaceable feature to reduce mistypes and repeated phrases and automatically correct grammar mistakes.

2. Cell Rotation

One of the valuable features of excel enables switching cells if you need to replace information. Instead of manual typing, you can use the transposing function and change the location of data required in several clicks. Also, you can easily copy and paste information from cell to cell or cut the data away and paste.

3. Sum Calculation

Another time-saving feature of excel spreadsheets is calculating the sum. You can add the data of any chosen cells or estimate the amount of an entire column. The sum function is perfect for assignments with many operations to complete. If you want to apply the sum function, you can type the formula manually or use the combination of Alt + = after selecting the first empty cell in the column. After pressing the Tab button, you will see the result.

4. Importing Data

One of the most appreciated Excel features for students allows importing information from various websites. For example, if you work with vast data and have it all collected on the site, you can convert the data into a spreadsheet. Using the Import External Data function, you can copy a link to the needed page and get the data.

5. Customizing Spreadsheets

When working with a new excel spreadsheet, one can easily manage the layout’s look. You can not only make the converted or printable version look good but also change color schemes, add logos, fonts, objects, and more. By customizing a spreadsheet, you can unify the layout and make it adequately arranged according to the teacher’s instructions.


Being one of the most popular types of business and educational software globally, Excel can be effectively applied for homework. Using excel for home assignments will save your time and nerves. You can apply Excel for the following purposes: converting data, fats calculations, sorting information, quick analysis, creating charts, and more. The most useful for home assignments excel features are customizing layouts, sum calculation, autocorrect and autofill, cell rotation, and importing data. We hope that this article was helpful for you. Good luck with your studies!