How are Korean Dramas Different from Chinese Dramas?

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Some viewers do not miss a single novelty, but it does not matter to them in which country the series was filmed in Southeast Asia. But some users only watch Chinese or Korean dramas.

And amateurs It is worth noting that the Chinese have recently noticeably “pulled themselves up,” and they have every chance to overtake the Koreans. But despite this, Korean dramas will still have loyal fans because they have their characteristics.

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Five differences between Korean dramas and Chinese dramas

  1. Korean dramas have a double bottom. They are deeper since they have a plot and additional “stuffing” – bonuses that can be of practical use. For example, a memorable quote that can “go to the people,” a psychological clue, an excellent example of a way out of a difficult situation, a collection of clothes that, if desired and possible, it is quite possible to try on yourself. Chinese filmmakers rely on beautiful shots, a dynamically developing plot, and brilliant acting.

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  1. There are too many psychological aspects in Korean dramas; rethinking and assimilation of the information received are required after watching them. Chinese dramas are purely entertainment content.
  2. In China, historical and adventure genres, fantasy, and martial arts are of particular value to viewers. But dramas, melodramas, and detective stories are far from leading positions. In South Korea, they adore melodramas, thrillers, detective stories, dramas, rom-coms, and science fiction. Often, there are series that are a mixture of different genres.
  3. Korean dramas have longer episodes but fewer episodes, while Chinese dramas have the opposite. Although now there are series with an insignificant number of episodes by Chinese standards.
  4. Korean viewers are more into dramas with a plot that stretches over time and has specific touching and soulfulness. Chinese filmmakers offer viewers series with a dynamic, eventful plot, thanks to which even melodramas are distinguished by liveliness and various emotions.

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It is noteworthy that European American users consider Korean dramas more congenial. And for those who want to watch and evaluate dramas filmed in different countries of Southeast Asia, you should use the site Korean Dramas. Here – always a large selection of Asian TV shows, including new ones!